The Miracle Garden of Dubai

So I was thinking about my next adventure as I reflected upon my past escapades. Craving for some wild adventure like the wild Desert I visited. I am still too overwhelmed and excited as I  reflect on my last year’s adventure. I still couldn’t catch my breath at this beautifully amazing place as I remember myself running all around, stopping to take a long stare at the most spectacular sight in front of me, it was like visiting the Garden of Eden or Heaven.

Well, I have been to some really cool places but this city still stands out in my memory, I couldn’t forget its magnificent beauty, and I was mesmerized by its uniqueness.

Dubai!! a city of possibilities!! Right in the middle of the desert is this amazing city with life!!

miracle gardenPeople use to say ‘Dubai’ has the advantage of its dry weather to build whatever they wanted.
For the benefit of those who didn’t know: Dubai has the world’s 7 star hotel and the world’s tallest building, their current invention is the building of the Moon which they call ‘The Crescent Moon Tower’
The buildings and all other fantastic sites they have isn’t my discussion today, but its MIRACLE!!!

There’s this place next to where I lived in Dubai called ‘The Miracle Garden’- the park is built with more than forty-five (45) million flowers grown right there  in the heart of the desert. Tender flowers which ordinarily could have been impossible for them to grow, but there it was magnificently beautiful!!!

One remarkable thing they did was each session has a theme, created from these blooming flowers in stunning designs, shapes and structures  like the tallest building called the Burj Khalifa is built but with live flowers, the pyramid of Egypt, which to me represent the first and only survival of the seven ancient wonders of earth. They have the virginal bridal session which I think is the tribute to their ladies for purity. They have the live clock session, indicating the very fast life in Dubai. They belief that time waits for no one. Because the city is known for its spectacular shopping malls – the shopping carts were planted to portray  this thought.
The peacock session could also represent the country’s love for beautiful but wild birds like the falcon – which actually is one of their symbolic animals.

For westerners that are big with affections and love, the heart section could soothe their need for the expression of love. The antic cars session brought to mind the progression of modern technology. Dubai doesn’t have water fall but it was built with these forty-five million live flowers, as it gushes out from the mouth of the flower pots.

There is still so much to say. But one undisputed fact with the character of Dubai is that ; She is very ambitious and against all odds she has defiled the string that held her bound all those years ago and by her hands has changed her destiny from a deserted land to a land of glory and possibilities.So whenever life throws its worse at you, you could still “let the odds continually be in your favor” by pushing once more and taking the bull by its horn.

It’s better to visit this amazing place or you could just take a virtual tour at this link below

Tell me what you think, till we meet again, chal !!


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