7 tips of traveling in New York

Hello guys! This blog is based on my personal experience and it may not useful for people who are native in this country. Hope it will help you.

1. Choose a good time 

This tip sounds stupid, however  you’d better rethink if you planed to go to New York in winter. Some friends may think that they can see big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, count down at Times Square and purchase during Christmas sale. Before picturing this awesome tour please don’t forget the winter in New York is so frozen that you don’t even want to go outside, besides there are lot of people in New York at that time. And I admire people who went to Times Square and count down at New Year’s Day.

2. Tip for looking for a hotel  

Looking for a hotel is the first and most important thing when you start to plan New York tour. Some friends may choose to stay in Manhattan because it’s very convenient. But I’d recommend to stay a hotel where is in Jersey City, New Jersey; and from Jersey City to New York is not far and you can go to New york by bus or by path. Here is an US website Priceline where you can find cheap place. I usually use local website when I am searching hotel because if I reserve a hotel on my country’s website, and the price are way too expensive.

3. Food

New York is the only place which you can find various foods of this world. If you are not used to foreign foods, and don’t worry you can go find Chinese food, India food, Korean food in there. If you want to challenge something new you can use Yelp to find a good restaurant where nearby you.

4. Tipping rule

This one is especially for people who come from Asia because we don’t have ”tips’ culture” in our countries. I remembered the first time when I am paying bill after dinner, and it was embarrassed because I have know idea about how much should I pay. However I figured out that in New York we need to pay 15%-18% when you have food where restaurants offer table service, and at carry out places some people pay and some don’t. Addition, paying with card is definitely better than cash or you have to prepare a lot of change.

5. Transportation

  It’s very convenient of taking subway in New York, so just prepare NYC transport Map; and you don’t need to worry about if your English is not good when purchasing tickets because tickets’ machine can translate to 6 or 7 different languages. Some friends want to take Taxi because the movie ”Sex And The City” so that you can feel like New Yorker, and it’s not like that.

6. Security problem

First I am not saying that New York is a dangerous place.  I was feeling  very safe in here till my purse was stolen on Oct 2014. Some friends more likely use cash instead of debit/credit card, and please note that don’t carry too much money in New York.

7. Restroom’s problem

  You may think it’s ridiculous to talk about this problem here, However  it’s not easy to find restroom at subway  station or somewhere in public.

  Here are my tips of traveling in New York, if I said something wrong or you have more tips please let me know.   





4 Comments Add yours

  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    I feel the same as you do.
    I always feel very hard to find a bathroom in NYC.
    And I used to plan to buy a car in NYC, but finally find out that the subway is a better choice.

    1. mona01fm says:

      The reason why I choose to live in New York is I don’t need to drive-😅

  2. yzhao18 says:

    Honestly, I’m impressed by the arrangement of the streets and the avenues. I’m terrible with directions but I never lose my way in NYC. Although it’s not easy to find a restroom, it cheers me up when I find the restroom clean and having tissues.

    1. mona01fm says:

      I have same direction problem with you and I never get lost in NYC . ^ ^

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