Where did Juno go?

Skiers in Central Park !

As a French student, Juno was my first snowstorm in New York City. However,I did not considered Juno as a realstorm. I am going to tell about my experience. On Sunday January 25th, like every Sunday evening, I went in Whole Food to buy my food for the week. This evening, the store was full. I never saw this kind of situation since September. We was very surprised with my friend but we did not notice it. When I came back to my apartment, the doorman informed me about this huge storm. He told me that I had to do some shopping stock in order to have water and food during this storm. I thought that he were just kidding me! But not at all! He also informed me that I had to buy a flashlight in case of blackout. In fact, during the last storm, the apartment was subjected to power cut. Deep down, I was terrified. One or two days stock in my room without electricity!! Impossible! Moreover, I realized that without electricity I could not put my computer and my phone on charge. I imagined myself in my room without phone or computer in the dark because of the black out while Juno would destroy NYC. On Monday, at the end of my classes, I directly came back home. I was very excited about this storm. I spent all my evening staring at my window in order to see Juno but I did not see it on the horizon. At 11:00 pm nothing was happening …. But I still believed that Juno would come. The Major, Bill de Blasio forbade vehicles from traveling on city streets. I was sure that Juno would arrive. I decided to go to bed. I hoped to see the storm when I woke up. The following morning, Juno was still not there. A lot of children were in Central Park with their parents. But where did Juno go ? I decided to go for a walk in Central Park. The streets were already cleared of snow. I was very impressed ! In France, when it snows, it’s the general panic. In spite of seeing a storm, I discovered NYC under its mantle of white. I took a lot of pictures ! It was wonderful!… But I still wonder « When could I see a real storm ? »


The snow is in forecast on Monday ! I keep my finger crossed ! If you want to be more aware of the weather condition, you can enroll in Notify NYC. Notify NYC is the City of New York’s source for information about emergency event. Thanks to NYC Notify, you can receive alert messages by mail. I like this app.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. hridya01 says:

    I was equally excited about seeing the first snow storm of my life and everyone around kept telling me that I would be bored of the snow soon. But everything looks so pretty in the snow. Even I wonder where did Juno actually go?

    1. alinewbr says:

      I hope that we will have the chance to see a snow storm before warm days !!

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