Super Bowl (awesome) Night

Last weekend, the Super Bowl was in on NBC. The Super Bowl is the final of the football championship and this is the most watched event in the US (around 180 millions viewers). The game is divided in four quarters of fifteen minutes (plus injury time which may increase the minutes) with a half-time of twenty minutes between. During this half-time, a show is organized and the biggest stars come to perform. Katy Perry’s show this years was awesome! I learned that in 1993, the year I was born, Michael Jackson performed. Wow, such a good year! The winners of this championship win the Vince Lombardi Trophy, which represents a football ball. This year, the New England Patriots have won against the Seattle Seahawks.

I love the Super Bowl. Each year, despite the six hours of jet lag with France, my boyfriend and I watch the Super Bowl on TV. What a chance to have this show broadcasted in France! My desire to settle in the US made me interested more closely to this major event here. I was on site this year to watch the Super Bowl in live from New York City. Americans never go in for half measure, I was convinced that the Super Bowl will be broadcasted on a giant screen in Times Square. Big disappointment because unfortunately, Times Square was empty this night. However, all the bars on the way were crowded with people, all completely absorbed by the little screen and the score. With a friend, we stopped at one bar near Times Square to watch the game surrounded by Americans and to participate in the mood.

IMG_6030The rules are a bit hard to understand but once we get it, we run into the game. We were as motivated as all the Americans around us! Each team in competition is composed of two teams: on for the attack and one for the defense. The quarterback is the captain of the team and gives directions to the players on the field. He is part of the attacking team. Tom Brady is the quarterback of the New England Patriots and Russell Wilson is the one of the Seattle Seahawks. The favorite team of the bar we were was the Seahawks. They were very good and led during the first three quarters.


The half-time was absolutely awesome this year. Katy Perry performed and from the start she set the stadium on fire! She arrived on a giant tiger and made roar the entire stadium. Finally, she flew on a falling star with the traditional fireworks in the background.

The last quarter of the game was full of suspense. The Patriots run the score 28 against 24. The Seahawks reached the 5-yard line before doing a touchdown two minutes from the end of the game. Everyone thought they were going to do the touchdown and win the title. But one of the Seahawks players jumped on the opposing team. The Seahawks took a penalty of five yards. Then, a fight started and the Seahawks have had a second penalty. The Patriots had the ball back at twenty seconds from the end of the game. Thus they won their forth Super Bowl, 28 points against 24.

To talk a bit about the hearings, the Super Bowl is the most watched sportive event in the US. Something I didn’t know is that the Super Bowl is broadcast on NBC every three years because the broadcasting costs are very expensive, so three channels (CBS, NBC, and FOX) relay this event in turns. With so many people watching the Super Bowl, advertisers don’t hesitate to spend millions to have their ads during the event. The cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl is around $4.5 millions. To see all the Super Bowl 2015 ads click here.

The Super Bowl is more than just a game that everyone is watching. It’s a big event and a show in itself for every Americans and a lot of people around the world. This event garnered a lot of money on every front: ads but also seats in the stadium. In fact, to attend the event it costs between $800 and $1900.


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