crazy equal unrealistic?


         Im a typical sagittarius girl, always have ‘crazy’ idea and love freedom,which somehow made my mother worry a lot.  As I grew up this kind of element seems grew stronger in my blood. After graduation from colleage , I had some quite decent intership jobs and some of them I had chance to become a offical staff. My parents are traditional people, all they want is just I can live like most of people, study, work, get married, normal but happy life. But I knew this is not I want, honestly that time I hated to sit in the office from 9am to 5pm, I had no idea how other people can stand doing that for so many years. Finally I quit the job without tell my parents. But I was scared to go home and tell them , so everyday in the morning next few weeks I acted like nothing happened ,left home at 8 am ,came back at 6 pm. Of cousre I didnt go to office, I went to my friend’s home, sitting on his sofa and thought about how  I could make money without going to office and sitting there all day. This  was another story. Then I started to feel guilty to my mother, at last I chose to her them the truth. fortunately she didnt blame me much , in the contrast she said she knew I would not persist to work longer than 3 months! I told my mother my decision that I wanted to try business. I don’t want to talk about this small business works lot because it’s long story , but if to explain it in simple way , it’s just buy stuff  here then sell them there. But it works, thank god!

I keep doing it for one year then I stared to feel bored , I got another “crazy”idea , I talked to my family , asked her permission to study aboard. As was expected she said No again, and because of this we fight a lot. I can understand why she would not like to let me go . I am a only child and in their eyes I am still not independent even I was already 23 that year. When I really want to do something , I couldnt help thinking about it and wouldnt listen to others. So Im here today. And I didnt ask money from my family. now my mother seems to understand her daughter more, and I  always love her no matter what happened. 😛

So now Im started to think maybe being crazy is not that bad, not everytime means unrealistic . we just need to trust ourselves.  Actually my biggest crazy idea now is that I want to retire when Im 40.  I will move to thailand, beach, sunshine and easy life. I dont know if I can make it come true now but I will work hard on it . I have more than 10 years to go ….big target.


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  1. hridya01 says:

    I think we should all follow our dreams no matter what. We all have different plans for our lives and only we know how to make our dreams come true. They might seem difficult but definitely not impossible. So keep dreaming!

    1. applelara says:

      yes! keep dreaming , which is how we make our life meaningful ~~

  2. zaaronnnnnn says:

    A dream is a dream, you should follow your heart.
    However, it is also important to make your parents happy.
    Try to maintain the balance.

    1. applelara says:

      ya~you are right! Its always not easy thou ~

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