To the future . . .

With my final blog as well as my final semester I wanted to thank you all for a great semester. Taking this class I have learned so much about social media but also a lot about my peers. I believe that you all have such a bright future ahead. Each of you have great talent and great blog post! I have to admit I’m going to miss reading them. For those of you who still have some time left in NYIT hang in their because trust me it goes quick !

As I approach my final days here at NYIT I have noticed that life is going to change. I am no longer a child but an adult. I will have to face many situations on my own. For me this is knew given the fact that I never left home during my college experience. Although, not knowing what the future holds is scary to many including myself. Not knowing what the future holds can also be adrenaline. Adrenaline to dream bigger and aim higher. Setbacks exist to push us harder and though I am sure I will go through many I am positive that I will come out a winner. i hope my words can inspire you as much as they inspired me during this period of change.

Well heres to the future of social media and us the students who can now (after tuesday) potentially be consultants !

May you all have a great semester and a wonderful holiday . . .




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  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi Remimuniz,

    Thank you for your wish. This semester is also my last semester. I am a little afraid of working in a real work environment. I have no experience for work and I guess in the reality, we all have to overcome our obstacle at work every day and we have to stay positive and comprise with our co-workers and bosses in order to get our job done. Finally, I hope all your best in your future work.

  2. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi @remimuniz
    congratulations on graduating! I still have like prob 1.5 more years before finally getting my master’s but I have to agree with you – time do goes quick especially when we’re in college. I wish the best of luck for your future and happy holiday! 🙂

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