What NOT to do on Thanksgiving… I learned the hard way

If anyone is looking for advice for next year’s Thanksgiving, photo.phphere’s what to avoid based  on my own struggling adventure this year (hey I’m French I’ve never done this before). I want to add that no turkeys were hurt in the process (maybe a little tortured though).

1. Do not buy a 13 pound turkey for 4 people… like I did. (unless you want to have leftovers for 2 weeks). Get the right turkey weight for the amount of people who will be there. Here’s an useful tool to calculate that: here.

My leftovers for a family of 25
My leftovers for a family of 25

2. Do not forget to remove the bag of giblets. What the hell is that you say? Well, I found out a little too late that inside the turkey, there is this paper bag with the vital organs of the turkey (kidney etc). You need to remove it (and you can cook it if you’re into that kind of things). Which leads to my next point.

3. Do not buy your FROZEN turkey a day before! Those things are huge and need 1 day of thawing for every 4 pound of turkey, so do the math. I bought mine a day before and ended up with a half -frozen turkey, which made it very hard to remove this famous bag of giblets. So what did we do? We used a hair-dryer (yes, you read right) to heat the turkey faster… except the marinade at the bottom of the platter was gonna spill, so we used a cut plastic bottle to aim the hairdryer’s “radius”.

4. Nope, This wasn’t a good idea either… of course what we did not think of was… the plastic started melting!

5. In the end we managed to take out the bag of giblets, and finally put that bird in the oven!

6. Except after 4 hours, it still wasn’t fully cooked! (Excuse the obscene language in this video)

We ended up cooking it for one more hour, and managed to have a delicious meal, after all this struggle! Well, at least next year I will know what mistakes to avoid. And you how was your Thanksgiving? Did you struggle too or am I the only one?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. koowathanat says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. I think it is good for some of us and I just knew from you what I have to avoid doing on Thanksgiving.

    1. mganou says:

      @koowathanat Hi Thanaporn thanks for your comment, I’m glad I could help!

  2. zymia says:

    This post is even funnier then when you were telling me the story. lol! Im sure next year you’ll be a pro!

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