The God[mother]

If you haven’t experienced a child growing up in front of your eyes, you have not experienced anything aIMG_2045t all. While that is a bold and extreme statement I find it to be totally true. There are so many things in life that we can do to achieve a sense of belonging, satisfaction, and understanding. But there is just something so extremely precious about seeing someone grow up right in front of your eyes. It happens overnight it seems, and the more you look forward to their next milestone, like the day they start to walk or talk, is the very day you wish they were little again.

I’m only 21, and I have not had children of my own, but being a Godmother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My aunt got re-married about three and a half years ago. She had already had two IMG_2460children, 23 and 18, so a baby was not something any of us expected. But yes, it happened. And on October 23rd 2013 Austin John was born. My aunt asked me to be his Godmother not too long after, and I excitingly accepted the challenge. I knew that with that title I would have a flood of responsibilities to always take care of him, and make choices that were not only in my, but his best interest as well. While I would have done all of this regardless of the title of ‘Godmother’ it felt good to hear that my aunt thought I was capable of doing so.

So, almost exactly 14 months later, Austin is a beautiful healthy and rambunctious little boy with marble blue eyes and curly blonde hair. He has a personality like no other, and has no problem telling you how it is (even though he can’t talk yet). IMG_2950Because I have had the pleasure of babysitting him 2 days a week and sometimes more, for the past 14 months of his life, I have been able to watch him crawl for the first time, take his first steps, see his teeth grow in, change an unpleasant amount of smelly diapers, play catch, read him books, have food spat at me when he’s not in the mood to eat his lunch, and everything in-between. I truly love every second of it, and can’t wait to see him every day even if he drove me crazy the day before.

As I watch hiIMG_4807m grow I sometimes wish he were a little baby again. I wish that I could hold him without him wiggling around, and that he didn’t try to throw all of his toys around the house for me to pick up. I miss the days when he was calm and quiet and I could just watch his little face make expressions for the first time. Butget-attachment.aspx at the same time I love watching him grow. I can’t wait until he can say my name, or call me on the phone to ask me to buy him something that his parents wouldn’t let him get. I can’t wait until the day he needs help with his homework and when he’s old enough to start driving. Time truly does fly by. And while all of this progression happens, I will probably start a family of my own, but I will never ever stop loving or taking care of my Godson.

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  1. gigilauren says:


    Your godson is such a cutie!! Makes me miss my own godson Mark so much. He’s almost 2, and it’s the first time I’ve watched someone grow from a baby to a little man. Lol. I wish I got to see him more often, but my former best friend and I aren’t on good terms at the moment. We had a bit of a falling out last year, and our friendship just hasn’t been the same. She also lives further away, which makes it difficult.

    Enjoy playing and spending as much time with your godson now, before he gets too big!

  2. jtinari says:

    Thank you! He is quite a handsome boy (; And, I’m sorry to hear that @gigilauren . Being away from people you love can be hard. Especially someone that was chosen to be your Godson. I hope that you have a chance to mend your relationship with your friend and that you get to see Mark. Best of luck . my heart goes out to you.

  3. remimuniz says:

    Your godson is so beautiful ! I know the joy in being a godmother its wonderful. My godson is 7 years old and he is literally my favorite person. Enjoy the time with him while he is still small cause they really do grow quick

  4. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi @jtinari
    Aw Austin is such a precious boy. I totally understand how you feel, I am also a Godmom to my cousin and years passed by before you realized he is already entering school. so enjoy every single moment with him 🙂

    Austin looks good in that NYiT tshirt, maybe he will be the next NYiT student sometime 17 years later 😉

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