Holiday shopping for dummies

Just a few tips for your holiday shopping


Buying a gift for your loves can be and should be fun right? No! sometimes it’s difficult especially difficult during the holiday season. What are you buying your mate this holiday season? Where would you go? Who has the best deals? What does my partner want? How much do I spend? These are all questions that go through your head when headed out during the hoilday shopping rush. I have some tips that I’m planing to use and I thought I’ll share them
1. look i’m not dealing with the crazy holiday crowd. So I’m going to go between the hours of 9am-12pm people are usually a work or just getting off of lunch when I’m leaving.
2. I’ll be doing most of my shopping using catalogs and online shopping. If I have to go out because something can be purchased in store only. (Then tip 1 is in effect)
3. I will before heading out. Write everything down never get anything that isn’t on my list
4. look for coupons and membership cards for discounts.
5. find deals on livingSocial Groupon etc. you’ll be surprised at what you will find.
6. Please be safe!
If your thinking about getting into the hoilday cheer and be in the mist of a lot of people. Keep your valuables closely in reach and in your eyesight. Never sit your bag down, because this is the season for the holiday Thieves. They are out there looking for people to easily rob. Be aware of pickpocket and scam artists. They will try selling you counterfeit or fraudulent products.
But most importantly have fun with it don’t be overwhelmed because the reason for the season is for joy cheer and happiness.
Hope these tips helps!


One Comment Add yours

  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Melody,
    I still haven’t done my Christmas shopping but yeah this tips will def helpful for me next week. I always skip number 3 and 5 but after reading your post i think i might have to redo my habit lol 🙂

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