As this is our last blog I found myself wondering what to blog about. I really wanted to do a blog on myself and this being my last semester before graduating, but it was so similar to Nicole’s last blog, that she nailed! Great job Nicole 🙂 !! After taking some time to think about what to write it finally hit me. I couldn’t think of a better blog to end with.

monica 3

Last year my cousin Monica was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer! My cousin had surgery last weekend to remove the cancer from her stomach. She is still in the hospital recovering but is doing very well. She cannot eat any solid foods yet but she is up talking and laughing. As I know she is going to survive because she is a FIGHTER! So please pray for my cousin any any other person that is suffering from this illness! Lets appreciate life a little more, love a little more and laugh a little more because tomorrow is not promised. #FUCKCANCER



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  1. jtinari says:

    Yes you got that right ! A big middle finger to cancer! Keep Fighting ! Its not easy, but your cousin can do it. Hope she continues to do well, and wish her a happy and healthy recovery from me and the whole class! she deserves it. our prayers are with her.

    1. zymia says:

      Yes F cancer! Thank you sooo much!

  2. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Zymia,
    I am not familiar with stomach cancer but after reading this post, I guess cancers are more than just breast cancer or colon cancer. Prayer for your cousin Monica, she will definitely beat cancer!:)

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