Star Wars: The Childhood Awakens



I always had a very unorthodox childhood growing up when it came to being introduced to movies. Although the first movie I ever saw in theaters was child friendly Disney animated movie my first movie I ever saw was a very unlikely Tim Burton directed modern day fairy tale about a robotic yet kind hearted freak with scissors for hands. My father in particular believed that any movie was suitable to watch as long as he had the remote and could edit parts by momentarily changing channels (especially when my mother was entering and exiting the living room). unfortunately for my father his parental guidance system for allowing his kids to watch violent and more mature movies wasn’t exactly successful as my father always seemed to have some rare form of movie watching induced narcolepsy and always fell asleep allowing me and my siblings to watch movies that were uninhibited. This was how I became acquainted with the Star Wars trilogy one fateful afternoon when I was in first grade.

Watching Star Wars for the first time was like seeing the Aurora Borealis for me at twenty when I was six. It was like nothing I ever observed or envisioned, it was awe-inspiring, heroic and exciting. That christmas was met with a christmas list demanding only Star Wars Figures and the Hasbro Millenium Falcon with working lights and laser sounds. I was obsessed and as I got older it still didn’t pass since I was born in the right time and did not have to wait too long to see the Prequel and finally find out who the man behind the mask was in the original Star Wars trilogy. However the prequels came and passed and I was wrought with disappointment not just at the camp and mannequin like acting but at how after six seemingly long years I just never felt that sense of wonderment after seeing the prequels as I did with the original trilogy and after hearing George Lucas proclaim that there will never be another Star Wars movie I felt saddened and defeated but, I ultimately accepted it’s fate.

Then finally it was announced there will be a new trilogy with the new acquisition of Lucasfilm by disney and finally after all the build up I saw the first teaser trailer and like the subtitle something was awakened inside me. Finally I felt that feeling that I felt almost twenty years watching that that marvelous movie. All I have to say is when you think that child sense of wonderment is gone well keep waiting it always comes back in unexpected (and awesome ways).


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  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Tim,
    I also grew up watching the original Star Wars (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford) on TV and later on on DVD. I have to say my favorite would be Empire Strikes Back and yes, the later prequels were horrible. I just hope that the new one from Disney would meet the expectation (just watched the teaser – looks promising).

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Well just so you know my favorite is Empire too and the screenwriter for Empire wrote the screenplay for the new Star Wars with J.J.

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    Hi Tim,
    My favorite one is also the Empire! Although I can hardly recognize which are the originals and which are the news. They have tooooo many.

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