The Sinus Chronicles: Struggling to prevent infection

I have been suffering from sinus problems my entire life. I am technically not allergic to anything except for mold, which I think we all are to some extent. Now, I am no doctor, but I often wonder, how can I prevent these recurring sinus infections?

I was so sick in high school, that I recall being on antibiotics for 8 months straight. As soon as I overcame an infection, I would get sick AGAIN a few weeks later. We all know that taking antibiotics on a consistent basis can lead to serious immune system problems. I actually had to get an antibody booster shot to improve my white cell count. My freshman year of college I became randomly allergic to penicillin. Although I have received no medical explanation for this, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I had taken so many antibiotics in the course of my young life.

Although I haven’t gotten sick as often the past few years, I still struggle with post-nasal drip, sinus pressure, ear pressure, headaches and congestion. This past week I actually came down with my first “official” sinus infection since the spring. Go me! So, if you suffer from these problems, here is what I suggest you do:

1. Buy NeilMed Sinus Rinsesinus rinse

  •  Fill the bottle with warm water and pour in the saline packet.
  • Squeeze it in your nose, and it will pour out the other nostril. (This isn’t pleasant, but it clears out the sinus)
  • Do this 2x per day while experiencing any sinus symptoms. This will keep your passages moist and clear.

2. Avoid dairy

  • These form mucus and can further provoke sinus infections

3. Ask your doctor or allergist for Flonase or nasonex

  • Spray 1-2x daily and use approximately 10 min. after doing the sinus rinse.

4.Prop your head up while you sleep

  • Place an extra pillow under your neck to prevent nasal dripping. This also stabilizes your head, so there is no added pressure.

Checkout these sites for more helpful info:





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