My First Thanksgiving Hosting!!


Boy had this week been interrsting! I went from saying my goodbyes to my cousin, to ending up in the hospital for a week with my boyfriend and then becoming sick myself. So when I didn’t hear anyone talkin about thanksgiving, I deceied to do it myself! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be around love! I decided what a better way for my boyfriends family and my family to met than thanksgiving?! I called everyone and told them my thoughts and surprisingly everyone was more than excited to participate! I asked everyone to bring a small dish because I knew I couldn’t afford to feed 20 people! We all deceied the location which was my boyfriends house and what was going to be on the menu.


I cooked collard greens, backed Mac and cheese, zitti, turkey, ribs, Jell-O shots and cheese cakes! Preparing the food was the toughest task. I had to wake up ever two hours to base the turkey. Something I never cooked before, so I was hoping, wishing and praying that it came out good!


After staying up a night cooking and cleaning the day was finally here! I super tired but so exited because I worked extremely hard to make sure that everyone had a good time. Dinner started around 6pm and everyone was not on time! Lol… However, everyone did bring the food they were suppose to bring!


The rest of the night we ate, played games and had oh too many drinks! Everyone complimented me on the food I made.. I was shocked it actually came out so good. I never cooked large portions before! I was just extremely happy that I was around LOVE! It felt so good… Everyone was laughing and enjoying one another’s company! Hosting is a lot! I spent tons of money and I was exhausted! But seeing the smile on everyone’s face made it all worth it! Oh But of course I fell asleep on everyone because I was just that tired! Lol



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  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Zymia,
    looks tempting the foods you prepared there. I went to my bf’s relatives home and they also cooked turkey but since half of them were Italian-Americans so plenty of lasagnas, brocolli rabes, zucchinis, and Italian desserts were served 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. zymia says:

      Yours sounds great as well! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you as well!

  2. mganou says:

    Hey Zymia thanks for your post, wow I have to say I am so impressed that after all this you had the courage to host Thanksgiving and cook all of this! That’s amazing, and it’s beautiful to see that you were surrounded with so much love, you deserve it lady!

    1. zymia says:

      Thank you! yes I was very happy it turned out great

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