What is real? Does it really matter?

I dream a lot in sleep and I don’t really remember all of them.

One day a friend asked me a question: Have you ever thought about that yourself is just an image in this world, and this world is also no more than a piece of dream in the “real life”?

I did think about it and it reminds me a lot of things such as the movie “Inception” and some poems by Andre Breton as well as the concept of the connection between reality and fantasy came by Freud.

Yesterday I watched a movie when I was surfing the Internet for nothing and I want to share it with you. This is a French movie by Luis Bunuel in 1928. People say that this is a beginning of surrealism revolution. I was just interested in everything it shows out that I don’t understand.

But after all, I realized the main idea of the movie is to let people not understand but to think through of their life and let go of those dilemma that don’t worth to suffer.

I hope to hear of anyone’s opinion about it and it is a great news that knowing there are people who’s interested in these surrealism art as I do.


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