The Age of Movies Today…


After enjoying the much needed vacation from school to enjoy the holiday season with my family I was engaged in an aged old tradition of going to see the Oscar hyped holiday movie releases with my dad and brother. Every year we meet and decide on the best movie to go see, the one that we expect will be the best written, acted, directed, edited, scored or just the best picture in general. As I viewed such movies as Gone Girl, Interstellar and Birdman I thought what an age for movies, the films were artful and amazing and then it hit me. Gone Girl was great but it was more or less a book, and Interstellar was just a modern retelling of older science fiction movies. Then I got hit again.

The 2000 to 2010’s has been nothing but film after film adaption of comic books and young adult novels as well as the occasional quasi-remake. Not to mention each of these movies comes with its respected sequel, threequel, prequel… fourquel?! It has dawned on me that the age of movie making now is nothing but either seeing the remakes of old or adaptions of books (comic books count) I started to think that  we must now be at a point where every idea has already been down and we must be at a point where we are recycling movies and the originality of movies is now in the screen writer, producer, editor and directors hand to mold the already cultivated ideas of another for there own. I don’t know how to feel, a little depressed that age of movies has now come full circle or excited that perhaps we can finally see all those sequels and adaptations of fan favorites. Time can only tell…


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  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi Tim,
    I’m not a fan of movie, but it is good to know about the best movie. Maybe you are correct that nowadays movies combine with comic books and young adults novels and beyond that many movies remake again and again. Anyway, thank you for sharing your analyzing and experiences.

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Yes well Pear start seeing movies and be a fan!!

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    Hi Tim,
    Sadly, I agree with you.
    I mean, I feel that more and more movies are just renewing or reshooting the old stories, too. And we don’t even have the right to choose what do we want because to be honest, the new versions always have better pictures or better musics or else. Use Titanic for example, I watched the original one for more than 20 times but when the 3D came out I still bought tickets.

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Yea it is a sad truth and I remember as a kid seeing the original Star Wars then shortly after all the digitally enhanced remakes and I thought so every movie is just going to be re-edited, re-scored, and now, wait, it’s in 3D?!

  3. 2muchmelo says:

    I love this post. Its so true we have to take what we can get or we have to do something about it. Hints- Get master degree in film and make our own films

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Haha thanks yea that’s why I am hoping Christopher Nolan keeps doing what he is doing, he seems to keep things very original. Yes, you have ideas lets get the NYIT film production company going.

  4. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Tim,
    unfortunately it is what it is.Movie today is nothing more than remake this remake that or adapting this adapting that. I am okay with adaptation from book or Broadway shows etc but original ideas seem harder to find now. I agree with Melody, we need a revolution in movies!

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Thanks, and yes I don’t wholly resent a book adaption since I love the fact that everyone can read the same book and as long as they are not discussing it with someone else they can create a whole visual world based on their own perception of what they read. Now that fact? That is what makes many book adaption great! Godfather is a classic in mind in that scenario and even Fight Club, the book’s author even said that David Fincher who directed the movie made it better with his own ideas while reading the book and then subsequently creating the film! But yes, sadly Hollywood lacks those initial great ideas… *sigh*

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