What’s Left From Thanksgiving

Since we are still in the Thanksgiving holiday mood, then I will share my story on what I did during Thanksgiving break and the days prior to the holiday. I will not talk much about the Black Friday event (I don’t really care much about this one since its overrated anyway) so I hope you enjoy my post.

This sunset picture was also uploaded on my instagram

2 days before Thanksgiving, I was not really in the mood on doing anything but I had to do some quick grocery shopping so I went to Whole Foods. While I was in the subway station waiting for my train, I caught a quick glimpse of Manhattan’s sunset view and it was just oh-so pretty. I could not help it but take couple of pictures with my phone. I just love sunset pictures.

This picture was also uploaded on my instagram

A day before Thanksgiving, my stomach was already full with the foods and pies I got from Whole Foods. Then I had a sudden idea of going to Manhattan and looked for boots at DSW. I looked outside and it snowed then rained then snowed again. Definitely a nasty weather for that day. However, I braved myself on going outside and I saw snow on the ground. Even though it was not as bad as Buffalo (yeah an 80 inches snow would definitely make New York City chaos) but I just smiled and snap one picture of it. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

Thanksgiving Day arrived and I went out of town for Thanksgiving dinner with my bf and his family. We traveled about 50 miles upstate to a town called Mahopac in Putnam County. Our car got caught in a nasty traffic earlier from Manhattan to the Bronx but as soon as we reached Westchester County, the scenery suddenly changed. Lots of snows on the side of the road and it felt as if we were actually having a White Christmas holiday. I could not help but take lots of pictures and started to think to myself “dang, I should consider moving here.” Hours earlier, while I was watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade, it snowed for a while and the last time it snows during Thanksgiving was in 1938.


image (4)
We’re not in New York City anymore!


I felt as if I was Lucy trying to find Aslan in Narnia 😀


I personally loved this picture. Have I gone to Winter Wonderland? 🙂

 Oh yeah, this year we have a White Thanksgiving!


Day two Thanksgiving feast. Believe me, this was just some part of the feast lol

Back to Thanksgiving, I had a lot of fun – eating and munching plenty of foods and desserts and food coma did not stop there. The next day, we cooked another turkey (smaller one though) and munch another cakes and pie (not trying to advertise here but Zabar’s has the best pecan pie). I had a lot of leftovers and to this day, I still haven’t manage to finish them all.

Having fun with bf’s cousin, Tess.


Chloe and I would love to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh well, Thanksgiving only come once a year and what’s better thing to do than to celebrate it with your loved ones while eating, conversing, and sharing stories without having to worry about Black Friday?! Hey, there’s always Cyber Monday 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ps: would love to know your Thanksgiving story 🙂

7 Comments Add yours

  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi Lia,
    I think you have a good time on your thanks giving day. My thanks giving days were so so.
    I went to Atlantic city with my friends, but I still missed New York ;). We played gamble, ate buffet, and went shopping. There were a lot of food over there, but I did not like it because I was not get used to eat salad, pasta, pizza, hamburger, and stake. I spent a lot of money to buy a lot of stuff. I did not play any type of gamble because I did not know how to play ;). That we all did on 2 night 3 days.

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Hi Pear,
      thanks for your comment. See i never been to Atlantic City but after reading your reply, I think I might give it a try. I don’t know how to gamble certain games either but I am always good in small jackpot machine games tho lol.

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    Hi lia,
    Good to know that you had a great time last week. I love the first picture, where is it?

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Hi Sunny,
      thank you. the 1st pic was taken at 52nd St Station in Sunnyside, Queens.

  3. yunfei says:

    Hey lia, I like your pictures! I was wondering the same with sunny, where were you in the first picture? Which station? That sunset was amazing!
    And for Chloe, awwww, she’s so adorable!

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Hi Yunfei,
      thank you. the 1st pic was taken at 52nd St Station in Sunnyside, Queens. It was indeed amazing. and thank you 🙂 I’ll pass along to Chloe 😉

  4. mganou says:

    Hey Lia! You seem to have had a great Thanksgiving, thank you for sharing with us! Your first picture really is gorgeous, and that dog is adorable!

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