The Problem With 30 Day Fitness Challenges we’ve all seen the infamous 30-day fitness challenges on…

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fitnessBut, how effective are they?? So far, I’ve tried out 3 different 30 day challenges..and have completed none of them. Therefor, I  haven’t  seen any results. Is it just me, or do people lose interest in these types of challenges easily? Every time I come across one of these, I get super pumped at the thought of the end result.

I WANT tight abs, a lifted Brazilian butt, sculpted thighs etc. But how the hell do I keep myself motivated?? I’m not one of those people who will go on a strict diet or any extreme length to attain the results I want. But, 30-day challenges can be very misleading. They make people believe that they can get the body they want by simply sticking to the challenge.

Another issue I have, is a pinched nerve in my lower spine that gives me shooting pains down my legs and up to my shoulders. This prevents me from fully embracing these challenges. I haven’t had time to go to a gym on a regular basis, or take yoga or palates classes to strengthen my core and back.

I try to think that by being able to complete a 30 day challenge, I will be able to move onto another challenge and live a healthier lifestyle.

I started a Brazilian butt lift challenge 3 days ago, and have actually completed all three days.

  • What can I do to keep myself motivated to go onto day 4?
  •  How can I discipline myself to finish one of these challenges??
  • Does anyone else struggle with this?
  • Are there any genuine success stories out there?

Help please!!



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  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi gigliauren,

    From my experience, it was very hard for me to control my meal. What I did is I ate 5 meal per day. Each meal is small promotion and I do not eat carbohydrate and fat. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. For snack, it should be almond bar, yogurt, fruit salad that can keep your stomach being full and you do not have to worry about your eating habit. I also drink a lot of water. I think, you first should control your meal and should try to go exercise every morning because I read on an article that said the most effective exercise is the morning time. I think you do not have to follow the step 30 day fitness challenge or you can follow, but it does not have to do what the schedule has shown.

  2. gigilauren says:

    @koowathanat I am a carb addict! Thanks for the meal suggestions–I tend to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch, and I’m usually stuffing my face. Then, of course, the itus comes on. Not eating enough during the day prompts me to snack late at night. This probably is the thing that kills my motivation the next morning.

  3. mganou says:

    Hi Sarah, unfortunately I won’t be of any help because I am definitely having the same struggle! I also tend to skip breakfast and go straight to lunch, and I have random cravings at the most random times, which doesn’t help. I guess one first step would be to try having a more balanced food schedule I guess, but you got all my support on this!
    Let us know in another post if there’s any progress haha

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