BElieve in YOUrself

So, as I stood in my shower, doing my daily routine of the good ol’ scrub a dub dub things of all nature began to dawn on me. So rather than ignore the voices in my head, I decided to take a listen. I mean, it was bound to happen. People agree that your best thoughts come to you while in the shower. Anyways, it just so happens that Eminem was whispering his sweet lyrics into my open ears. Automatically, I bobbed along as the water hit my face. Then, I found myself just standing still, as if time had frozen. Yet, my mind was on repeat as the same few lyrics replayed in my head over and over. And just then I realized, when do people actually take the time out to sincerely listen to the lyrics of a song? Granted, we’re not all English professors, nor do we have the time to sit here and analyze the metaphors in every line. But truthfully, it can’t hurt to try. As it had been for the last few minutes, Eminem continued to sing … “I can’t breathe But I still fight While I can fight. As long as the wrong feels right It’s like I’m in flight.” 

Now, I took this totally out of context while in conjunction to the meaning of the song. But, everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion. And most meaning is in the eye of the beholder. So, what I made of this repetitive lyrical sentence inside of my head is that if we don’t give up on ourselves, then how can anything we do be wrong? Shouldn’t the pure act of believing in ourselves be enough closure? Because believing is a tough thing to do, believe it or not. Cliché I know. Tbelieve-in-yourself-picture-quotehough, if it feels right to you, then it is not wrong. People don’t have the authority over our own bodies to decide what is right or wrong. Therefore, no one’s opinion should matter, in the long run that is. Yes, guidance as well as advice is needed here and there. But in the end, who lives your life? YOU! …. Then, this led me to believe that Eminem, we are all aware, has lived a hard life. So perhaps the reason he has had to so strongly believe in himself, is because there was no one else to believe for him. Once that element of doubt is instilled, it is extremely hard to get out. So as always, I relate this to my own life and think, about all those who have doubted me. In both simple and large things. Maybe as simple as believing I could not run a mile, or dance the two step. Or maybe as big as be successful in life, receive good grades, get into a respectful college and go on to make lots of money. Most of these things I am not sure of. Their doubt could be right. I could end up not doing any of this. But then again, that glimmer of hope shines, where they could be wrong. Where all of my goals, dreams, and ambitions could come true. And then, rather than dwell on the negative. I focus my attention on the good. On the people, the very very very few, that DO believe in me. That have NEVER for a single second doubted me. These are the people, that are rare. That not too many people have. Their genuine caring people that actually want to listen to what you have to say, anmira-1-friendshipd perhaps won’t, haven’t, or didn’t give up on you when you need them the most. And it doesn’t matter who you knew the longest, whether your close friends or distant relatives. Whether you met them for a brief second or never met them at all. If their blood relation or just a best friend. What matters is that they’re there. Or they were there. And they influenced your life in SOME small way. Or perhaps large. And by being “there” doesn’t necessarily mean physical. It can be a text, a call, a video chat, maybe in person. But still, this is trivial. It’s the feeling you felt when they came into your life. Often, a feeling of warmth that you will never forget, and most importantly never be able to replace. A feeling, it’s as simple as that. A feeling….

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