One “drink” a day keeps doctor away.

2014-11-20 18.29.56“Tall vanilla latte, please!”

“Caramel mocha with whip cream, make it a grand?”

“I’ll just take a hot coffee”

I don’t know about you but this is how my morning starts. The menu changes with the weather, the mode, the time and even the money but never been cancelled. Not only because I love all the beverages made with coffee but also because I have been dreaming about open a cafe through my whole life.

Every time when I feel down, a cup of latte cheers me up. Every time when I’m freezing, a hot coco warms me up. Every time when I’m exhausted but still not done with my work, an espresso gives me energy and confidence to keep going.

I don’t believe that there is anyone who can refuse this kind of Sunday’s afternoon: a sunny balcony, a swing with a lazy cat on it, some beautiful music, a half-read book and a pot of steamed coffee that makes your house suffused with an exquisite fragrance all around.

Therefore, I keep searching good beverage recipes and started creating my own. Actually, most of the good ones that I created are already existed online, though I still want to share to you who’s interested in making your own drinks.

1. Lover Milk Tea

Half cup of hot black tea, half cup of hot coffee. One teaspoon sugar and add milk as you wish. I suggest using half and half and make it milky.

Also, if you are using Lipton instead of tea leaves, just use coffee to brew the tea bag and add milk and sugar. I prefer this way myself~

2. hazel latte

To be honest, this idea came from Starbucks when I wanted to make a cup of mocha but found that I ran out of chocolate syrup.

Three teaspoons hazelnut Nutella, use half cup of brewed coffee to melt and add half cup of milk. Top with whip cream and sugar is up to you.

This can also be made as frap, simply add ice cube and pour all of the ingredients into the juicer.

3. Iced coffee

Have you ever tried black Iced coffee with 5 teaspoons of honey? I also like to add some drops of mint syrup.

4. banana & peanut butter shake

One banana, one soup spoon peanut butter, ice cube, sugar and milk. If you are on diet, replace the milk with formula or protein power and replace the sugar with honey. Pour them all in the juicer!

I hope these beverage recipes can be seen on my Thanks Giving dinner table and wish you all enjoy your thanks giving with or without “drinks”!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Sunny,
    wow the hazel latte seems so good right now. thanks for the recipes. 🙂

    and i hope your dream become true! would love to be your first customer of your cafe 🙂

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    Thank you @liachristilautomo so much and yes of course you will be on my special guest list if I open this cafe successfully~
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. koowathanat says:

    Hi Sunny,
    I am a coffee lover. I drink a black coffee very morning and I do not like to put any sugar and milk on it. When I read your blog, the hazel latter makes me feel interested in making it. I will try it and thank you for sharing your experience. I hope one day you will be come a business owner of cafe.

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Pear thank you very much! And myself is also a black coffee lover though I do try others. I feel different taste gives you different emotions and even spirits when in different circumstances. I always know my favorite but I never mind to try new things.
      Thank you for your comment~
      Wish you had a great Thanksgiving~

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