The Walking Dead Addiction!


The_Walking_Dead_title_cardI love TV shows, I could spend all my time watching my favorite series. Even when I have work to do I prefer watch series and I often do my homework at the last minute.

One of my favorite show is The (amazing) walking dead. It’s weird because it’s a show about zombie and I don’t really like zombies stuff in general, it’s not very ‘girly’, but I’m completely addicted to this show.

It seems that I’m not the only girl in this case, indeed I’ve read an article explaining that The Walking Dead is the most popular show among women.

I wanted to share with you the reason why I love this series.



I don’t really have to explain why, I think the pic speaks for itself



The zombies

At the beginning, I was disgusted by them. Special effects and make up are so well done and there’re really disgusting and scary. However we easily get used to them and scenes of zombies killing became my favorite. (and I thank Call of Duty that allows me to do so)


No sex!

Thanks god! At last one good TV show that doesn’t need to use sexual scene to keep its audience. I’m sick and tired of series like Game of Thrones, True Blood or Spartacus (and lot of more) that show innumerable unnecessary scenes of sex


The script

first seasons were not as good as the three lasts, but scenarios of the walking dead are often awesome. Most of the time, each episode is dedicated to one character, there’re lot of flashbacks. Also, final episodes are always impressing.
If you’ve never seen the show, it’t time to begin (I pro mess you’ll never regret).
For those who already know, let me know if you agree and why you like the show (or why you don’t like)




3 Comments Add yours

  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi dounialoveny,

    I have never seen this series, but many friends of mine tole me that the walking dead is very wonderful series and make them feel very excited. The plot is entertaining. I think I should find my time to watch this series.

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    Hi Dounia,
    At first I refused to watch this show because I don’t like horror movies that only have scary scenes but no contents. But after I finally clicked on it I felt in love with it because it is everything about life, human nature and love.
    Thank you for explaining more about it.

    1. dounialoveny says:

      Hi Girls!
      @koowathanat Yes you should find a time to watch, i’m sure you’ll love this series!
      @sunnyfromchina, I totally agree with you, I don’t like horror movies neither but this series is not really about zombies but about human and society. I’m glad to know that there’s a fellow “walking dead addict” in my class 🙂

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