Why You Should Watch Interstellar in an IMAX Theater

-98caac85-f5ed-419a-8a2e-672a10473ea3For those who haven’t watch this movie and plan to watch it in a theater, this’s a post for you.

I watched the science-fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige) last week. It’s a really great movie. It has great music and a spectacular story. The actor Mathew McConaughey is awesome in this movie. In my opinion, he almost outshines all the other great actors/actresses in this movie.

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite movie from Nolan(I prefer Inception and The Prestige), but the techniques he used in the film is really amazing.

Since Nolan has always been a big fan of traditional film and IMAX, Interstellar was shot using a combination of 35mm film and 65mm 15 perf IMAX film, by which means they were using real film camera, not digital camera. If you are going to see the film in theater you will have 6 different ways to view it. (None of them will be in 3D, since the directer is not a huge fan for that format.) You’ll bee able to watch the film in IMAX 70mm film, 70mm film, 35mm film, traditional IMAX (digital), 4K digital, and 2K digital.

Photo Credit: InNolanWeTrust from Facebook
Photo Credit: InNolanWeTrust from Facebook

To simplify this, all you need to know is IMAX 70mm film has the biggest and clearest screen. In part of the movie, the screen will be filled from top to bottom, which will give you the most shocking experience that you probably have never had before in an IMAX theater. For any other formats, the top and bottom part are all cropped in order to fill in the wide screen.

If you haven’t watch this movie and you plan to watch it, I would highly recommend you to watch this in an IMAX theater. The only theater that has this IMAX 70mm film format in NYC is the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theater, which is located in Broadway and W 68th St (only a few blocks away from NYIT). If you have already watched this and not in an IMAX theater, you might want to watch it again, because the experience in the Loews Theater is superb, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

For those who are not in the city, check out the list here to see the nearest theater that has this format.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi Yunfei, It sounds interesting to me. I have not known until you have written this blog. If I have a free time, I would go to watch it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. yunfei says:

      Hi pear! You’re very welcome. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Tell me how you like it, if you watch it!

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    So pity I still haven’t got a chance to see it…. Hope I can finally get one piece of Nolan’s greatest work. BTW, I’m also a big fan of him~~~

    1. yunfei says:

      If you are a fan you should definitely see this one! Tell me your feeling when you get the chance to see it!

  3. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Yunfei,
    i watched Interstellar 2 weeks ago in 4K digital at AMC w84th and with the extra price, it was definitely worth the buck. 🙂 loved the movie, loved McConaughey, and loved the picture quality.

    1. yunfei says:

      Hi lia, I’m glad that you enjoyed this film! It’s probably one of the best film in 2014.

  4. thiggins99 says:

    Such a thought provoking movie, I was walking out with people that had no clue what they watched… I guess it is one of those movies you have to be interested in astrophysics in order for you to not only enjoy it but understand it. I still loved it though.

    1. yunfei says:

      lol, I agree! When I walked out the theater, I felt like I had used up all of my brain cells to try to understand the whole movie! Nolan is such a genius! His story is always so unusual and beyond my imagination!

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