Its called BLACK Friday for a reason


So, here it comes; the years biggest holiday sales. Yes, please leave your dinner table filled with family, friends, and glorious food to go shopping. (I hope you sense my sarcasm). To be honest, the reason why I’m so bitter about this, is because retailers set exclusive sales right around a holiday that ALL Americans celebrate just so that the can make an extra buck. While I do see the intention behind this crazy scheme, I don’t find it fair that they expect employees to willingly leave their families to do so.

You see, many people who work retail depend highly on this low-income job in order to support their families. So, holiday pay seems enough to compensate. Well, not exactly. Yes, you will have a little extra cash in your wallet from that time and a half pay, which can translate to ap_black_friday_oregon_mi_121123_wgperhaps five more presents for your family. But I ask, will you ever be able to get back the time you missed spending this holiday with your family? The answer is no! And unless these multi-million dollar retail stores combine their cash to make a time traveling machine, It is not and never will be fair to us Americans. Though, as the chaos continues, retailers are continuously opening earlier and earlier every year so that they can pack more people into their stores. Not to mention, people race into these places often injuring and trampling other people in the process!

Because of this, employees all over the United States have started protesting in order to preserve workers rights. Widely known for doing so, are Walmart employees, who are often quoted saying that this early opening on Thanksgiving is just one of the blackfriday_walmart_action_5-950x632many factors that they are unhappy with, along with the low pay. As a result, they are seen doing silent and not so silent protests in order to consolidate the feelings of every retail worker, in hopes that these retail giants will care to make a difference. However, it has yet to prove successful.

On the bright side, there are a list of retail stores that genuinely CARE about their employees, and want them to spend the holiday with their loved ones. For this reason, they will not be opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day. The list of retailers who I wish I worked for can be found here   Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.33.42 PM. (Also, the article is interesting if you care to read the whole thing). But unfortunately, I work for Toys R Us, who will be opening at 5pm Thanksgiving evening. Poor me, I know.

As a conclusion to all of this, I ask that you refrain from shopping on BLACK Friday, for the sake of the employees that have to leave their families on this day. Also, this gesture will hopefully show these retail giants that closing their doors on Thanksgiving is one of the many steps they can take toward treating their minimum wage employees a little bit better. Yes, I know the sales are tempting, and if you’re not American, you may be asking ‘Why should I care?’ But this is more than that. This is time we will never be able to get back.



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  1. 2muchmelo says:

    I’m glad someone else feels my pain. I think this is disgusting that they are pulled from there families on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about thanking your love ones spending time with each other not shopping. Family should come together as a family not running around the world for sells. Great article.

  2. sunnyfromchina says:

    I know that it is just a sells strategy to cut the price, though I still can’t help spending a lot on Black Friday. How miserable….

  3. liachristilautomo says:

    Justine, I totally loved your Black Friday post. thankfully I am not the person who is into this Black Friday gimmicks sale thing (last time i did a Black Friday shopping was more than 3 years ago and enough is enough for me). I just don’t get it why some retailers are so selfish and greedy by not letting the employees having a break. I was in Ohio 2 years ago for Thanksgiving and boy, people really did treat Thanksgiving as if it is no more than a shopping spree all day. whatever happens to the real meaning of Thanksgiving? 😦

    ps: i guess holidays are not supposed to be ‘holiday’ anymore.

  4. jtinari says:

    I agree with all of you! Thanksgiving is a time for family and thanks! Simple as that. Thanks for the support (;

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