Fifty shades of Grey

Fifty shades of Grey the trilogy that left women breathless is coming to a theater near you this coming Valentines Day. The character Christian Grey, otherwise known as  the multimillion dollar stud won over the hearts of women around the world. His character has poise,charm, intelligence, and sex appeal. He is a professional to the world but a dominant in secret. Grey is a man who has everything that anyone would ever want minus his dark past. His past has led him to have many sub-missives14151583993_581c1461a2_b.

Ana Steele a natural beauty who does a favor for a friend and interview Grey. She was taken back by his charming good looks and overall really makes an entrance by tripping. He on the other hand was charmed by Ms. Steele and goes out of his way to find her in her local work place. As the book continues both Ana and Christian spend time together. Ana being a virgin really is in for a turn of events especially when introduced to the “Red Room”.

Fifty shades of Grey is in fact a very romantic/erotic story which E.L James wrote. The author choose to have the character  Christian Grey played by Jamie Dornan and Anastasia Steele will be played by Dakota Johnson. It is believed that this film will be a hit amongst women between the ages of 18 and up. Men might also end up seeing this flick because of the release date and of course for extra brownie points with their significant other.

I suggest that if you are not familiar with the Grey phenomenon… Please get on it before Valentines Day ! The Grey books can be bought at any book store as well as Amazon. One can even by the board game which consist of some steamy questions. This game is great for a girls night with close friends and of course some wine! If you are not sold yet watch the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.. Im sure you will get “Twitchy Palms”.


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  1. nicolelundergan says:

    Ha! I’m thinking I might need to find out more about this “Red Room!!!” #isithotinhere #orisitjustChristianGrey Thanks for the reading suggestion!! xx

    1. remimuniz says:

      The “Red Room” is beyond insane! You will enjoy that part of the book #superhot #Greyfever @nicolelundergan

  2. koowathanat says:

    Hi remimuniz,
    It sounds interesting to me. I have not read yet, but I will get one. Thank you for your recommendation.

  3. gigilauren says:

    I’ve heard so much about this series….I might have to give this a try! I’d rather read the book first before watching the movie.

  4. dounialoveny says:

    Hi remimuniz!
    I’ve tried ro read the first book but I stopped reading because I didn’t like it. It’s probably because I read the French version, and I think french translation was horrible. Before watching the movie, I should try to read the original book in english which is probably better write.

  5. remimuniz says:

    I would give it a second try in english! @dounialoveny

  6. remimuniz says:

    Yes please read it I’m sure you will love it @gigilauren

  7. jtinari says:

    I have not gotten on this Grey bandwagon because i do admit, i have been lazy with reading lately. I heard it was such a great book when it came out, but i wasn’t sure if it was the right genre for me. However, i am so down for the movie! sadly, id rather watch a movie than read a book. for right now anyway. what do you think about the movie? i know when they translate books into movies, a lot of people get angry because they don’t portray it the way the book did. you have to let us know what you thought when you see it !

    1. remimuniz says:

      Well I have read a couple of books that they have translated to movies. Thought I did enjoy the movie I always find that the book is much better. For example, the Twilight Saga was also a big hit with people. The movies were in my opinion really good but the book was so much better. I believe this is because the book always has much more detail and in movies they have to catch the best parts for the viewer… I do have high expectations for the fifty shades of grey film! I will keep you updated though @jtinari

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