Travel where the subway can not take you.

I’ve noticed as I walk around Manhattan that life is very different here. Most people don’t own caIMG_2408rs. They simply rely on taxicabs, the subway system, and occasionally a bus or two. This city is great. There is a ton to do, much to see, and countless places to go all within the city. But being able to see both sides of the spectrum, meaning the city as well as the suburbs, gives me a different perspective. When I’m in the city for too long, I crave the quiet roads of a small town. When I’m in the suburbs I crave the fast passed atmosphere of the city. However, this leads me to believe that there are many people that haven’t retreated past these city walls. Presumably, those who have moved here from other countries perhaps, and those who do not have access to a car cant go far in a suburb. Sure, you can get there by train and ferry; but once you’re there how do you get around?

For this, I’m thankful that I get to experience both sides of this beautiful city, and maybe you can even say another side, when I get to see the moIMG_1731untains and the dirt roads of upstate New York. There’s truly nothing like it. In places other than Manhattan you can walk your dog on a street that actually has grass! You can venture into the woods and play in the snow before it gets covered in dirt or shoveled ! You can even visit places like the Adirondacks and go tubing on Lake Geoget-attachment.aspxrge!

What made me think of this is kind of strange. I was actually in a Sonic this past weekend, and the experience just hit me. Something so simple as driving up to a menu and having someone roller-skate out to you with your food is something special. While it seems so minimal, and the food certainly isn’t thIMG_0995e best for you (health wise) I realized that its something not many get to experience. I don’t think someone can hop in a cab and say “Drive to Sonic!” I mean, what would you do? Enjoy a corndog and a milkshake with some cab driver you just met, while you sit there listening to music? Well, I guess anything is possible so I shouldn’t completely rule that situation out. But, the experience isn’t the same if you don’t drive there yourself and enjoy the company of your friends, the radio, good conversation, and greasy food.

So, to all of you Manhattanites who have never ventured out beyond this great big city, I suggest you do so. There is so much more out there. Even if it is far and wide in between. Maybe you’ll come to appreciate the peace a quiet. Its great! I promise. And while your at it, go to a Sonic too ! Go travel where the subway can not take you.


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  1. gigilauren says:

    Hey Justine! I actually was just at Sonic this weekend in when I visited home in Jersey!! Their milkshakes are the best…and there’s wayyyy too many options to choose from. There are some things the suburbs or even upstate New York offer that Manhattan just can’t accommodate.

    Every year I go to the Berkshire Mountains for a week in Massachusetts. Yes, it’s a few hours away, but it’s stunning! You’re surrounded by nature. I love lighting a big bonfire and just relaxing. The sky is huge, and you can actually see the stars! Definitely worth a visit.

    1. jtinari says:

      @gigilauren yes i agree totally ! there are definitely things the suburbs have that NYC can’t accommodate! And yes, i have heard of the Berkshire Mountains, heard its beautiful. I must go !

  2. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Justine,
    you are so right about traveling outside Manhattan. sometimes i meet a lot of tourist that only makes Manhattan their primary destination. Of course they travel to other states as well but when it comes to New York, it’s either Manhattan or probably downtown Brooklyn (for the Brooklyn Bridge). for upstate NY, sometimes I go to Albany/Syracuse when i have the chance.

    speaking of Sonic (which i have yet to try), I miss some of the food joints that i won’t find in NYC. like Cracker and Barrel and Waffle House. foods are awesome and not that expensive.

  3. koowathanat says:

    Hi Justine, I really enjoy reading this blog because I like to travel and when I read this blog, it makes me feel excited. I have never gone to Sonic, but you describes it well. I can follow what you have written with my imagination. If I have a chance, I will go over there. Anyway, thank you for sharing your travel experience.

  4. jtinari says:

    @liachristilautomo yes i totally agree! a lot of people make NYC their primary destination and rarely travel into other parts of NY State. its so beautiful, and i wish people had the opportunity to do the same. and as for Cracker Barrel and Waffle House, i have had those and they are delicious! You can get those down South mostly. @koowathanat please take the time to visit some of the places i mentioned, you will really expand your horizons!

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