Living with Roommates: Pros and Cons

New York is the city of roommates. Before living in NY, I’d never have roommates, and I didn’t really want to have some. But given that prices in NY are so expensive, I had no other choice. So now it’s 10 months I live with roommates, I love my them, living in community has a lot of advantages but sometimes it is also annoying. These are the pros and cons of living with roommates, I’m sure that most of you will understand…

Pros: You never feel alone

When you’re sad and you need to speak, there’s always someone, you’re never really alone



Cons: You share everything

Nothing is really yours, indeed you have to accept to share almost everything: Bathroom, shampoo, food, kitchen utensils etc

Sources: Diicaprios on Tumblr


Pro: It’s Party all the Time

If it’s not you who organize a party, it’s your roommates. So there’re parties at least every week end


Cons: The noise

Sometimes you just want to be alone, relax in silence.. but it’s not possible because you’re not alone and it’s always noisy.



Pro: You can learn a new language

For people like me, who don’t speak english, I think living with roommates is the best way to learn



Cons: The cleaning part

Sometimes roommates are not really clean, so you’ll have to clean up everything even if it’s not your turn.





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  1. koowathanat says:

    Hi dounia, I agree with you that living in NYC has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest problem that I always heard and experienced is the cleaning. Some people are lazy to clean up their room and sometimes it is hard to solve this problem. Anyway, I think cleaning is the problem that everyone thinkS of it when they live in NYC.

  2. liachristilautomo says:

    Hey Dounia,
    before I moved to NYC i also never had a roommate (although i used to live in a dorm before but that’s not the same) and yes, it can be a bit stressful especially with the cleaning and organizing. Thankfully, my past roommate was an established working woman so we were both in the same track and small problems can be avoided.

  3. dounialoveny says:

    @liachristilautomo @koowathanat
    Hi guys! Yes I agree with you, most of the time the cleaning is a big problem. Actually, I currently have this problem in my apartment, my roommates are not very clean, so I try to do my best to keep everything clean in the apt but it’s annoying. I have to solve this problem asap.

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