The Art of Contouring

Have you ever wondered how Kim K’s face looks so flawless? Have you ever attempted to do the same and ended up defeated? Well, the secret is the art of contouring. Of course Kim K has a makeup artist, no one would trust her to do it her self, obviously. But, in fact its quite easy to do. If you’re not a big makeup buff, no worries! Don’t have expensive makeup? That’s ok!hqdefault

While you will get the most out of your makeup as far as wear and vibrancy, brands like Mac, Estee Lauder, and Chanel are the way to go. These will provide potent makeup that will last all day, endure sweat, wind, tears and everything in between. However, drug store makeup or makeup from Sephora can still get the job done and look just as fabulous. In reality, how you apply your makeup makes a big difference for whether or not it will last.

Fist, I’ll start out with a few tips for application. Then, ill show you how to achieve that Kim K look, and some people to follow for makeup tips and looks.

  1. Apply eye makeup first: the reason for doing this is because most of the time excess eyeshadow will fall off your brush, and trickle dowurban-decayn onto your face. Especially when using dark shadows. If this is the case, the fallen shadow will stick to your already applied foundation and will be hard to get off. Also, always set your eyes with an eye primer. This will make the shadow last linger and prevent it from flaking off during application and throughout the day.
  2. Wipe excess makeup: once you’ve done your eye makeup, you can use a makeup remover wipe to wipe off the excess makeup that has fallen. This will also help remove the excess oils that have built up on your face, allowing it to be clean right before foundation application.Contouring-is-the-new-Photoshop
  3. Apply foundation: apply foundation to your whole face, and parts of your neck. Go for an evenly blended look, and make sure to blend downward toward your chest as well as outward towards the ears and into the hairline to create a seamless look. Try to get a foundation that matches your skin tone as close as possible. You can also get one or two shades lighter and darken it to match your skin tone better using bronzer. NEVER buy foundation that is darker.
  4. Learn the art of contour: the art of contouring makes for a smooth and elegant look when it comes to your face and skin. This takes care of the portions of the face that should be dark tones and light tones. Essentially, it aims to configure a false sense of light hitting your face. This is the Kim K look.


Application is key to every great makeup look. If you can master this, you’ll always look the best at any party, event, or every day affair!

Also, if you feel adventerous follow @makeupby_alo (as seen here) for extreme contouring and awesome eyeshadow looks.  get-attachment.aspx                             get-attachment-1.aspx

You can also follow @makeupbychristina_ for more natural looks and cool special effects!

And follow @makeupbylilit if you’re feeling glamorous !


4 Comments Add yours

  1. gigilauren says:

    @jtinari Thank you for posting this!! I’m always trying to experiment with different looks and products, and this is a great tutorial to follow. I’m not good with makeup honestly, and I’m always struggling to accentuate my features without being overpowering.

  2. jtinari says:

    Of course ! A lot of people think makeup is tricky, but honestly it can be simple. There are a few steps to follow that will make you look amazing. These are just a few. Its all in the application!

  3. remimuniz says:

    Great post! I have to try contouring its something that I do not due because I always feel like I’m going to end up with a “cake” face! Hopefully by following the Instagram and your instructions I can master the Kim K look

  4. jtinari says:

    yes ! @remimuniz its actually easy ! there are tons of youtube videos about it too ! take a look !

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