A Twist for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner. A lot of parties have started since October 25th but that does not mean there will not be ‘official’ trick or treat on October 31st. However, consider the weather will be a little bit cold this Friday then parents might consider preparing gloves or sweaters for the little ones while they go trick or treating from one house to another. Or if you actually live inside a huge apartment building, you can definitely escape the cold at night by just trick or treating in the building. I’m pretty sure your kids will get plenty of candies to munch on later next day.

Many people decorated their houses months before Halloween and plenty of those houses have magnificent light and sound shows. Every time I look at these decorations and lights, my mind started thinking, “wow, they surely are preparing to pay at least $1,000 for their electric bill”. I am always tempted to decorate at least something for my apartment but years and years passed by and the only decoration you will find at my place is two carved Jack-0-lanterns and 3-4 Halloween cards. Not that I’m lazy or what but in the end, all those Halloween decorations will be in the trash can and I probably won’t use it next year.

Speaking of Halloween lights show, I really like Steve Jandick‘s videos and how he puts his own ideas for his house’s Halloween light shows. I have picked 4 of his videos for 2014 Halloween Light Shows and they are just outstanding.

Now, who doesn’t love Michael Jackson’s Thriller?! This song will and always going to be number 1 favorite for Halloween.

I love Bohemian Rhapsody and boy, this light show and the coordination is beyond perfection! Steve really paid attention even to the smallest detail.

This is a less frightening version — I would say not as heavy as Thriller and Bohemian Rhapsody but still enjoyable.

I was skeptical at first because I don’t think Lady Gaga’s song will be perfect for Halloween but I guess this one is an exception.

It probably takes months and months of preparation for somebody to do light show  for their house because not only it drains the budget but also they have to consider the neighbor as well. Nevertheless, any types of lights show — be it for Halloween or Christmas — are always amazing and can be a great entertainment for both kids and adults.

So, Have a Happy Halloween!

This was taken yesterday when I came back home. Apparently my 1st floor neighbors are so prepared for this week’s Halloween.

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