5 Cult Halloween Movies

As Halloween approaches the time to bust out the Netflix and scour it’s archives for a seasonal favorite is upon us. Though I am a fan of many of the older classics, and of the newer more gruesome remakes there is a good amount of cult classics that put a new spin on the genre of horror. Just in time for Halloween here are just a few of some highly rated and overlooked Halloween movie titles.


1. Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the dead is a modern day British spoof of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. In my opinion it brought back today’s infatuation with zombie flicks. The movie adds a new spin to horror movies in which it employs a heavy dose of black humor. The movie’s plot follows Shaun a down and out 20-something year old who works a dead end job living with his slacker best friend. After experiencing the zombie outbreak as well as a few hard life truths from various colleagues and family, Shaun and his best friend embark on a journey to rescue and win back his ex-girlfriend, save his mum and make it to their favorite pub in time for happy hour, all while outlasting the outbreak. The movie serves as a less intense and more fun way to watch horror movies for those who find some of the particular genres too intense.


2. Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil drew my attention on Netflix at first when I stumbled upon it’s plot description. This movie breaks the horror movie paradigm by showing the side of the supposed “bad guys”. The movie does a good job in the intro sequence of misleading the viewers by showing a murder sequence then a duo of deranged hillbillies and finally hard partying college kids. Perfect horror plot; foreshadowing an event, introducing the possible murderers and as every good scary movie usually has, a bunch of young adults going to camp at a cabin. The movie then takes a turn as we find the hillbillies to be a couple of unkept but lovable friends just wanting to camp at a cabin themselves. The college kids however have seen enough horror films to know that if you look like murderous hillbillies you must be. The movie goes on to show wildly coincidental accidents and encounters between the two groups that make each of them think the others are the real murderers. This movie is one of the hidden comedy gems that breaks the mold of modern horror flicks introducing the clean cut, preppy and educated all-american group of friends as the antagonists and the dirty and deranged backwoods rednecks as the protagonists.


3. Evil Dead.

The Evil Dead is the first movie of director Sam Raimi whom is popular for the original Spider-man franchise as well as the recently released Oz: The Great and Powerful. The movie which was shot by Raimi and a couple of friends on a Super 8 camera follows the cliche horror movie plot line of a couple of young adults who decide to camp at an abandoned cabin in the woods only to raise the dead and have to fight back. The movie itself is a low budget amateur film consisting of laughable jump scares, at times unbearable acting and lackluster effects, however embodies the saying something so bad to watch it’s good. The movie however amateur made makes for great fun and multiple viewings once you get into it.


4. Re-Animator.

Re-Animator one of the more gory and violent movies on the list and delves more into the science fiction horror genre instead of the more black humor areas that I have reviewed about. The movie follows that of a mad scientist medical student to has found a medical agent that can reanimate dead tissue (hence the title). So keeping with a common theme of my blog post this reanimating agent ultimately makes zombies out of those whom are injected with the serum. Medical student Herbert West takes up residence with fellow student Dan Cain who together seek to become the greats of their class after West’s new serum, however the reanimation of the corpses that they start testing their serum on don’t merely come back into their previous conscious, they become tenacious blood thirsty zombies. This movie follows a format of more serious horror fun and for those who look to more of a thrill in their movie scenes will definitely enjoy the gruesome zombie movie moments of this flick.


5. Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice fares as one of the best Tim Burton films in my book, a man who reinvented what a weird movie could be. The plot follows a recently deceased couple, the Maitlands, whom are unaware of their mortality status and now must share there house with a family of snooty city dwellers, the Deetzes. Looking to rid there house of the new owners they contract the help of Beetlejuice a fellow ghoul who fancies himself a professional “haunter”. However, when the newly contracted ghoul deems to be too much and the new homeowners too clever, the Maitland’s leave there fate in the hands of the Deetzes daughter Lydia, who acknowledges the Maitlands as more family then her actual family ever meant to her. Beetlejuice is a bizarre movie full of corny clay animated comic horror which proves to be fun for any age.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sunnyfromchina says:

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for sharing this information
    I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I’d like to see these some time.
    And also I like the Corpse Bride very much although I don’t know if it relates to Halloween~~

    1. thiggins99 says:

      Hey I actually love the corpse Bride, I have a love for any Tim Burton related claymation movie, especially the Corpse Bride it was the best since the Nightmare Before Christmas!!

  2. jtinari says:

    These movies are great ! Shaun of the Dead is a classic, still not sure if i like it though lol ! I’ve watched it a million times but I still don’t know if i like the humor. Maybe I’m just not a comedy person. regardless, i still suggest it because its just one of those movies you HAVE to watch. Also, another suggestion for Halloween, are the ‘Halloween’ films with Michael Myers. Talk about spooky!

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