Ebola panic strikes NYC

It’s official: Ebola has hit NYC. The first diagnosed Ebola patient was admitted to Bellevue Hospital. The patient is Craig Spencer, a 33 year-old doctor who returned just a few days ago from Guinea where he treated Ebola patients for Doctors Without Borders. Since his return in New York, the man has taken the subway, went bowling, and out to dinner. That was enough to spark panic and alarm among NY citizens. All newspapers have made this their headlines, it’s all over the news and social media. It seems as though New York just suffered an epidemic decimating millions of people already! Only one person was detected with the disease, and it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids, so unless the dude has kissed you, sneezed or vomited on you, or gave you blood, there’s absolutely no reason you might be infected! This panic needs to stop and people need to take a chill pill!

Also, since its outbreak in West Africa, Ebola has caused (officially) 4,877 deaths so far, and over 10,000 cases. The situation in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone is absolutely terrible right now and the weak healthcare structure does not help. It is an extreme human disaster that has been going on over there since more than three months. Thousands have died already, and thousands are at risk in West Africa, children, mothers, fathers, elders are dying. But the Western world does not really give a single care about that, not until it affects our own little American world. One case, and it’s the end of the world.
To summarize the situation :




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  1. mpb1031 says:

    Great post. I was going to write about the same topic, but you definitely gave it a lighter tone that was really enjoyable to read. I think you make a good point that this disease has killed thousands in Africa and now we care because it has made it to the US. This disease has actually been around for a few years and in fact the US government has known about it for a while, but funding for a cure or vaccine was just not a priority at the time. But it sure is now and they’re busy working on it at the National Health Organization (NHO). Its just unfortunate that sometimes drastic events need to occur in order for change or help to come along the way.
    My heart goes out to those people in Africa. They would give anything to be where we are right now.

  2. koowathanat says:

    Hi Morgan,
    Thank you for sharing useful information. I enjoy reading in this blog and get useful information that makes me realized that I should be careful when I go outside.

  3. mganou says:

    @mpb1031 Michelle thank you for your comment! And yes even though I told it in a “light” and funny way, but you are right this a very serious topic that I am very concerned about.
    I couldn’t agree more with the fact that drastic events need to occur in order for change to happen! It is a sad reality.

  4. mganou says:

    @koowathanat Thank you for your comment Thanaporn! I am glad this information was useful to you.

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