Life Without A Phone for A Week!!

Last week my boyfriend droppne on the floor and cracked my screen to the point of no return. I was devastated… So mad I almost cried! He instisted that once I was finish working we could go out and buy a new phone…  All I could think about was not being able to get on instragram and Facebook.. How I wouldn’t be able to read finish reading that text that just came through on phone… How when I’m bored I wouldnt be able to spend his money online… I just knew this was the ending of the world for me.


Once I got off work he asked me if I wanted to go outside and get a phone and surprisingly I was shocked by the NO that came out ofmy mouth. He said “what do you mean NO… What are you going to do without a phone”.. I said ” I’m tired of the world.. I’m going to take a break from everyone and everything and give my brain a rest.. I’ll buy a new phone Friday.. I really couldn’t believe I just said I was going to go from Monday to Friday… A whole week without a phone.. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me because my phone was my life.. I honestly did this challenge for myself because I truly believe it is just ridiculous with how much the Internet, my phone and other media outlets take up my time.. Every second I’m looking in my phone to see what’s going on on a social network reading a blog. Maybe somewhere inside of me I was looking for the human interaction that we no longer receive like we use too.. Like how it use to be in the 90’s, before the Internet took over our lives. When we use to really enjoy another person company and not have to look at our phone every 2 seconds.. When I would buy a newspaper and read it instead of opening the app on my phone. Boy do I miss those days…

Although I miss the old days… I have to say, I cannot live without my phone.. I have to adapt with how our world is revolving and make sure that I stay in the loop… Lol! So Friday morning bright and early… I woke up and went to buy a new phone. I was actually the first person in the sprint store.. Lol.. I ended up getting an IPhone 6 (wish sucks, but that a whole different blog) because it just didn’t make since to pay $200 for an old phone when I can have the latest phone out!

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  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Zymia,
    sorry about your phone but yay for the new phone 🙂
    and yes, i think i might need a break too from my phone for just a week. seems we get hooked to our phone like 24/7 and miss important human interaction (or even lesser)

    1. zymia says:

      Yes you should try it.. Only if your phone breaks tho

  2. remimuniz says:

    This happened to me multiple times ! It is the worse feeling in the world. I always feel so out of the loop when my phone breaks. At least you survived a week without a phone because I am sure I wouldn’t survive.

    1. zymia says:

      Yes!! You should try it… Oy if your phone breaks though! Lol

      1. zymia says:

        Out of the loop is an understatement.. I was lost.. Lol

  3. koowathanat says:

    Hi Zymia,
    I totally understand how do you feel. Two month ago, I also lost my phone while I was go shopping at Woodburry outlet. Then I went to information center to help me find my phone. Finally, I could not find my phone. Next day, I have to go to apple store at fifth avenue. I can not live without the phone. I think you are very patient person. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story.

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