Kim Kardashian: the dopest of the ropest

Kim Kardashian is a well known reality TV star who stars in Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is also very much into fashion, modeling, and of course selfies. The bombshell turned 34 years old on October 21 and of course she will be having tons of birthday k

MTV and US magazine both dug up some videos of Kim at the age of 14. She clearly had a lot to say especially when referring to herself as the “dopest of the ropest”. She also goes on to say that we will be remembering her as this beautiful little girl. What makes this story more ironic is that her spouse Kanye West tweeted ” Happy birthday to the dopest wife and mom”. Kanye also has a famous quote that says “My life is dope, I do dope sh*t”.

Kim Kardashian will be celebrating her birthday in Tao Las Vegas this upcoming Friday. She is currently on a surprise weekend getaway that she currently just uploaded on Instagram. I guess we could conclude this by saying that somethings never change. We will be seeing Kim Kardashians beautiful face everywhere. We will also be seeing her face much more and not on Instagram. Kim Kardashian will also be releasing a selfie book later this year.


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