4 Rules in -Keeping up with your sexy

The story goes like this.  image

Once upon a time he use to buy her flowers. He would get his hair cut every week. Let’s not forget his car washed everyday and taking her car for a gas fill up once a week.You would get your hair and nails/pedicure done every other week. Shaving your legs and everything else was a must everytime you saw him. You enjoyed cooking for him every other day. Once you have both been in the relationship for a good 6 months give or take and all of that goes out of the window. This is the case in most of if not all relationships. We start to slow down on doing the things that we once thought were vital to the relationship. This is called being👉 comfortable. When you’re just dating and still single making your dating partner happy was your goal. What happened ? Don’t tell me that’s this isn’t true either ladies. We all know that once we get comfortable we stop shaving our legs as much. Fellas your not off the hook you stop sending us good morning beautiful text messages. It becomes “oh I got in trouble so let me send a I love you beautiful text message.” Please! We all know the game. We are all guilty of falling a little short. We becoming comfortable with our mates and think ” Well oh it’s ok Stacy/Steve saw me dressed up.” They know what I look like when I’m all glammed, they’ll understand I’m just trying to chill.” This may be somewhat true of course to an extent. You should feel comfortable around your mate. We all must remember to not lose that “mojoe” keeping up with your sexy is just another one of those giving your partner a 100% rule me and my mate live by. It’s a rule that was taught over time. Me and my locker partner didn’t always have the keys to a successful relationship it took us both to fall short a lot. We have grown and learned to communicate. We are able to talk to one another about our complexities without an argument (real adult discussion). I call it one sound one heart beat mode. This means you start to hear your partners needs without them having to say one word (one sound one heartbeat mode) . We understand each other. I know that my honey loves heels. I may not be in the mood for heels. I’m a women who loves a well dressed man. He may be feeling like a basketball shorts, wife beater type of day. image
Now look at this, if we both are thinking (put my partner 100% first) Guess what will happen? Either we will stay in the house and have a chill movie day. I recognize and he recognizes we are both in a chill mood today or we go out and I were heels and he dresses up just the way I like without us uttering a word. If your doing this in your relationship keep up the sexy. If when you read this and it stuck a nerve then I’m talking to you.
I have 4 rules that will start you in the right direction in keeping the sexy up.

1. Have a sit down coversation with your mate ( not an argument ) let each other talk without being cut off and tell the whole truth about your likes and dislikes. Take turns Note: don’t get mad this is good healthy communication.

2. Come up together with an agreeable compromise. Note: this may not happen over night. If it takes a month to come up with something so be it. Don’t rush it or it won’t work.

3. Very important Tip: Praise your mate when they do the right thing show them you are appreciative ( this goes a long way trust me)

4. Fouth and finally rule for keeping your sexy. Always I mean always let your mate know when they are falling short. Note: it’s all in how you say things. Number one rule in criticism always be positive ( constructive criticism) be sensitive with the things that you say. It’s not what you say it’s how you deliver them. Never start a sentence with “you don’t do the dishes!” Say something more on these lines ” I see you have been taking out the trash honey and I thank you for stepping it up but I need your help with the dishes too.” You will see the change. You’ll no longer argue but you will have adult disagreements which is natural and helpful for a healthy lasting relationship.

Last Note: These rules have worked on my own relationship with great reward, but every relationship is different. You will not make things better over night but with time and patience you will begin to create one sound one heartbeat.


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  1. mpb1031 says:

    I really liked this post. Right on girl! Its so crucial to keep your sexy on, for both men and women. I think it shows how committed you still are as well. If you care to keep him / her happy and vice versa then you have the ingredients to a happy on enduring relationship.
    Thanks for the tips too, I will definitely make it a point to practice these 🙂

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