Crushing on R&B


Even though I have been listening R&B songs since I lived in Thailand. I didn’t like it even though many of my friends love to listen to it. When I came here, I heard R&B songs so many times that I started crushing on it. The first place that I heard it was when I worked out at the gym, and I always heard on the radio station. Later, I started wondering why R&B music is so popular in the music industry. It is important to know a little bit of the history of R&B music. Rhythm and Blues (R&B) come from an African-American culture. It is a genre of popular African American music, which combines soul, funk, pop, hip hop and dance. When I listen to R&B music, I have to stop for a moment to following the lyrics, beats, and melodies. It is a perfect mixture of heavy beats, solid lyrics, and beautiful melodies. Listening to R&B make me feel happy. The heavy beats give me energy to exercise a lot. I am on the treadmill for one hour, but it seems like only fifteen minutes. Solid lyrics help me remember my past experiences and help me to learn new things. Beautiful melodies give me a good feeling.

I also discovered that music influences my emotion and thought. If I am happy, I listen to lively music. If I am sad, I listen to sad music. I tend to listen music that reflects whatever mood I am in. Music can influence mood in either a positive or a negative way, but R&B music affects me in a positive way. I hope you listen to R&B and learn to like it as much as I do.






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