Losing Weight is the Hardest thing EVER!!

I must say.. I am not a person that is obsessed with looks and how much I weigh. But in the most recent months I have notice my stomach getting bigger and bigger… I’m not going to pretend like I don’t know why because I do. Between all the drinking, cooking and baking cakes I do, I’m surprised my stomach isn’t bigger than what it is.. With me graduating next year, I want to look good because I plan on laying on lots of beaches as a celebration for all my hard work. I have set my goal to loss 15 pounds.. I know it doesn’t sound like much… But those 15 pounds are very hard to ggreen_largeet rid of.

For the last 2 weeks I have been drinking a tea detox by MateFit. I have heard very good reviews about the tea and I must say I am enjoying it. Right now I am on a 28 day ultimate teatox. I drink 2 different kinds of teas daily. The first type of tea I drink twice a day is a Matabolic Boost which is made of all natural products. The second is a Detox tea which I drink once every other day at night; this too is also made of all natural products. So far I am enjoying the tea. I can not front like it is not hard to stop eating meat and junk food, but I have had more energy and I feel less bloated. I also see a change in my stomach already.

My 5 steps to loosing my 15 pounds are:

1. To stop eating meat for about 3 months

2. Do not eat after 8pm

3.  Cut out all crabs.. ( ie bread and rice)

4. Drink my tea

5. which is probably the most important HIT THE GYM 3 TIMES A WEEK!


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  1. remimuniz says:

    I always wanted to try Matefit. I follow the Instagram page and it seems to have great success but I always thought that detox drinks are a bit sketchy. I do agree with you that losing weight is extra hard especially cutting out carbs. I myself am always dieting or at least trying to but if you eat a bit healthier and go to the gym you will see the difference. Calorie counting was a huge success for me and allowed me to even eat things that I loved in moderation of course. Try myfitnesspal it is an awesome app. Good luck on your health journey !

    1. zymiazymia says:

      Thank You! I really do see a change. Lets hope I can keep it off! and I well def try that app

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