Enter the Young and Beautiful Judge Faith

Faith jenkinsI find nowadays that television productions and/or fans alike are gravitating away from promoting respectable, educated, young, female personalities for television viewing. Let me clarify, I’m not stating that there are no women on television that fit the above-mentioned description, because there are, as a matter of fact, this blog is about one of them. I’m just touching on the reasons on why there aren’t more of them. Does the public itself not care to see that type of portrayal of women on television and their demands are just being fulfilled? Is it all a systematic ploy by production companies to help them mitigate production costs, because as we all know, reality TV is rather cheap to produce in comparison to big scale productions? Whatever the reason(s) may be, the truth of the matter is, the women that are predominant on our television shows right now are not the kind of woman I would personally want my daughter to aspire to be like. Many will tend to disagree, and that’s fine, because we all have a right to determine the definitions of what we consider “right” for our children, but I think many others are with me on this, so I talk to you! I mean, we all want success for our girls, right? and we want them to be beautiful beings inside and out, but when there is more emphasis placed on exterior beauty, and enormous followings based on superficial attributes, such as material accumulation vs. accumulation of knowledge or accomplishments, then we really need to take a step back and consider what is it that we as a society are allowing to be glamorized and idolized by our young girls today. Enter, “Judge Faith,” a new daytime television show that I stumbled upon just the other day. Now, this show is no different from other court-room reality shows. The judge hears each side, evaluates the evidence, and makes a decision, pretty basic. Now, Judge Faith was not elected or appointed as you would have a traditional judge, but she does have a law degree, she was a Wall Street litigator and a prosecutor for the New York County District Attorney’s office, as well as a legal commentator on MSNBC and other networks alike. Here is a link with more on her background and a great clip of her in action, Faithjenkins.com. However, what caught my attention was that Judge Faith looked so unlike your typical judge, that being, a lot older in age, typically male, and typically Caucasian. Judge Faith Jenkins appears to be in her early to mid 30’s, is African American, evidently well educated, and undeniably very beautiful on top of all her other attributes. I thought, how great that amidst all the garbage on television today, here is an admirable and exemplary, young minority woman being broadcast for all to see. I watched the entire show, and of course she proved to be intelligent, dynamic, and with such an overall confidence that I was completely taken, enough so, to write about it… Simply put, it was very refreshing to see someone relatable in so many ways and with such an impressive background that it was hard not to notice such a delightful representation of a young woman on television today.


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  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I think i came across the commercial for Judge Faith and you are right, she is not the typical judge you’ll see on TV but that’s actually good. it prove that there is still good selection of TV program that does not stereotype. and yes, i feel you. not many TV shows w/ good women characters nowadays. it’s obvious that sex still sells however we still have hope 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    1. mpb1031 says:

      Hi liachristilautomo,
      Its so cool to know that someone else has heard of this show, as it is only a month old and its a daytime show at that! But like I conveyed in my blog, i was mostly attracted to it because of the young woman judge. I think its pretty awesome that young girls from any background can see this young woman and know that there are other options to getting recognition besides selling “sex” as you mentioned. Definitely there is hope for all our girls. Thanks for your comment!

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