let’s make funny pictures!

IMG_4082IMG_4079I believe that everyone has a desire, which is to be different with others. Everyone has a dream, which is to be cool and popular so that they can be recognized very easily among the huge number of popularity.

But dreams are not always easy to achieve so that we need to think through some other path to comfort ourselves. If you can never become the person you want in the real life, how about become them in photographs instead?IMG_4076

Nowadays, there is a new way to take pictures by using your smart phone. Easy steps, fantastic artworks. It becomes more and more popular through internet. So many people made funny pictures with film posters.IMG_4084

Want to be a part of your favorite movie? Want to become some supernatural hero? Want to spoof some famous characters without worrying about copyright? Not a problem! Look how do these people do that!IMG_4078

Don’t stop imagining, don’t stop designing. Life is the best teacher that gives us millions of ideas which makes us able to create. Just try your best!


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Sunny,

    I really liked your post here. Definitely a creative way to expressing arts. I particularly like the Edward Scissorhand. 🙂 thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Yes that’s my favorite one too and that is the first Johnny Depp movie I saw, which is my first step to fall in love with him:)

  2. jtinari says:

    This is so awesome! Love the pictures.

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Thank you~

  3. dguest01 says:

    Hey Sunny,
    this looks like lots of fun where did you find this?

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Hi Derrick, I saw this post on wechat, which is a Chinese chatting app. It also has space to share interesting information. I added the link of source but it is in Chinese language I’m sorry about that.

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