Are you loyal to a particular brand?


When I told my friends that I did not use Macbook for my laptop, they literally gasped and started making the “I don’t believe” look at me. Yes, I know some people who are a devoted die-hard fan of Apple products. They have the idea of “if you don’t use Apple then you are not cool”. I personally think it’s sort of sad actually. Just because you don’t have Apple product that does not mean you are not cool. Don’t get me wrong, I have an Apple product but I also embrace the diversities of other brands available out there. If you notice, you’ll soon realize that your electronics actually consist of more than just one brand.

If someone asks me “Are you loyal to a particular brand?” then I’ll answer “yes and no”. I am quite picky when it comes to buying electronics and I am not the type of person who will buy the latest iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy 5 just for the sake of being cool. If I want to purchase the new cell phone to replace my old one, it better have the features and the qualities that will woo me. That’s one of the things that upsets my friends the most – me being super careful in buying things. I will spend a lot of time at a store deciding which brand I should get. Sometimes I will not decide the same day and come back the next day.

Enough me rambling about how I buy my things, I will share with you the brands that I have for some of my electronics. Note that this is not me persuading you to actually buy the same brand as I do – I am just sharing the diversities of the brands that I have:


A reason why I chose this brand: the size fits perfectly on top of my TV stand. I remember I had to go back and forth to Target just to make sure I bought the right TV for my apartment. The price was also pretty reasonable for the 22-24 inches category ($170ish). I could always go for the bigger TV but then again, I will not likely stay forever at my current place therefore this should be a reminder for you if you want to purchase a TV for your place. Aside from the size, I applaud LG for the quality of the picture.


2. Blu-Ray/DVD player – Samsung
When it comes to BluRay/DVD player, nothing beats Samsung for the price and quality. Previously I owned a Panasonic DVD player which lasted for about 3 years. Before I moved to NYC, my dad bought a Samsung DVD player for the replacement and I was very pleased with it. I recently bought this particular Samsung Blu-Ray player type and could not be happier. It has Wi-Fi and Youtube/Netflix stream ready so if you are a Netflix afficionado then this is great for you. I loved it because it plays Blu-Ray disc much quicker than any other brand without hassle. And you can’t go wrong with the price — I bought mine for around $70ish at B&H (not 3D Blu-Ray because 3D is so overrated for me).


3. Smartphone – Apple iPhone 4S
Now don’t laugh because I have not upgrade my cell to iPhone 6. It took me couple of months of consideration before I replaced my Blackberry with my current iPhone 4S. Will I ever change my cell phone to another brand or upgrade it to another series of iPhone? We’ll see but for now, I’ll stick with my 4S. The only issue that I have with iPhone is the battery life but I guess every smartphone’s battery are designed to drained anyway.


4. Music/MP3 Player – Sony
Yes I do not own an iPod (and more likely never will) but never underestimate the power of Sony’s MP3 Player. For sound quality category, I think Sony wins hands down. My first Sony MP3 player was a gift I got for Christmas and it lasted for 7 years before it stopped working for good. I am actually tempted to get another Sony MP3 (like the picture I posted) but that will have to wait. As for now, I am fine with the songs I downloaded from iTunes to my iPhone.


5. Laptop/Notebook – Hewlett Packard Pavilion DV3
I’m sorry to say that I probably will never buy a Macbook for my laptop. I bought this series to replaced my old laptop and I could not believe that I had been using it for nearly 5 years without issues. The only minor issue that I had is the charger that stopped working (forced me to buy another one) but other than that, I am pleased with this brand.


6. Tablet – Microsoft Surface 2
Instead of iPad, I bought this couple of weeks ago so that I could always work on my assignments everywhere I go. The Microsoft Office is already installed in this Tablet so you do not have to download or buy a separate application for it. The only downside for this Tablet is you cannot really download certain application to use unless it is downloaded or purchased from the Windows Store. FYI, the Tablet does not come with external keyboard so you have to purchase it separately.


7. Camera – Canon Series
Now for camera, this is basically depends on each person’s taste and needs. I own 2 Canon cameras – both point and shoot digital camera and DSLR camera. I use my Canon G12 to record videos while I use my EOS 550D to take photos when I travel. What makes the G12 unique is that it has the same picture quality as a DSLR without the price and weight of a DSLR so sometimes I use it to take photos during concert (you are forbidden to use DSLR to take photos during concert unless you’re a journalist/press).

As you can see, I am very diverse when I purchase my electronics. However, that does not mean I will be sticking to the same brand again when it’s time for me to upgrade. It’s just that I have a tendency to purchase the same brand for certain products mainly because of the quality. So back to the topic, are you loyal to a particular brand? I want to hear from you guys.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. zymia says:

    I love my Microsoft surface!!

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      High five! 🙂

  2. 2muchmelo says:

    Its always good to have options but I prefer Apple (winks)

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Great to know that, thanks for your comment Melody 🙂

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