Communication skills are a passport for success

communication 3

                        Why are communication skills essential for any career? Can you image if one of your co-workers could not communicate well when you worked together as a team? You would not be able to understand others or you would not able to get your message across. Without communicating well in a company the boss and co-workers would not able to meet the needs of the company. Communication skills are the center of the career world.

                  Employers are always looking for someone who can convey meaning in oral and written forms. These skills will assist them to achieve their mission in the office. Positive development of these skills will have a positive impact on their prospects for employment, and their ability can make a difference in their careers. Moreover, if candidates want to make a good impression, they have to communicate in a productive and positive way. They should speak with appropriate words, tone, and gestures according to the situation because their messages reflect on their image of the company. Being a good communicator helps you get ahead of other competitors.


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  1. sunnyfromchina says:

    Yes I agree with you. My art professor in high school always says that the world is nothing but art and the art is everything about communication. It makes me think a lot and I haven’t find out one exception.

  2. jtinari says:

    I totally agree with this. I think communication skills are the most important thing for every and any one. Sometimes, i think written skills take preference over speaking though. I feel that there is always a way to figure out what someone is saying, when they talk to you. Language can be a barrier, but there are easy to get around that. Written skills however re crucial. If you send an email to someone, and they have no opportunity to be face to face with you, to decipher what you’re saying, it becomes a big problem.

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