A 7th Heaven disaster


Stephen Collins is an actor who is known for his role as Rev. Eric Camden in the hit show 7th Heaven. 7th Heaven is an America drama TV show that ran from 1996 until 2007. The Camden’s were a Protestant family that lived in California. Eric and Annie had 7 children which is where the name of the show came about.  Each episode gave the viewer a story about morals and life lessons. 7th Heaven remains one of the longest shows that ran in the WB which is now the CW.

This week it was revealed that Stephen Collins is in fact a pedophile. A connection was linked to him molesting a young girl in 1972 and exposing himself to another two girls. All of the victims were younger than 14.  His acts were made public when the women recognized him on television.

A tape of his therapy session that was taken in 2012 revealed him admitting to the act. He confessed  that he had a long history of sexually abusing minor children. This included the three young girls from New York.  At the time, his therapist ordered for him to take treatment for pedophillia which he denied. The tape was handed over to cops but it has not been stated who gave press the copy of this private session. Many believe that Faye Grant who was married to Collins leaked the tape. TMZ also revealed some updated information which was in fact disturbing. Grant claims that she should of noticed that Collins had a problem. While Grant was pregnant Collins apparently made a sexual comment referring to having oral sex with his own child. This comment was allegedly said to have taken place 14 years ago but has not been claimed to be a hundred percent accurate. TMZ also got word from former 7th Heaven stars Catherine Hicks who was Collins wife on the show. She said as far as the cast knows he was a good guy. She as well as the others were in utter shock.

Officials have not yet stated the next steps that will occur in the case of Collins. It is however stated that their are no charges against in LA due to the fact that the acts we are aware of occurred in New York. NYPD is further investigating the allegations as well as the tape. Collins however has lost his role in the upcoming film Ted 2. 7th Heaven re runs have also been pulled off the air.  I believe it is safe to say that Collins ruined not only his life but destroyed the hearts of viewers who tuned in to the hit show.


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