My Comfort Food – Soft Tofu Stew

soondubu-590x5301Fall season is here! Although the temperature is somewhat bipolar and moody (yes I would not call high of 73-75 and low of 65 a good Fall weather) but there is no reason not to welcome a good weather transition. Living in New York City means living in the most diverse city not just in terms of the ethnicity and culture but also the cuisines it has to offer. I am a food junkie and I always love to try new foods and restaurants although I’ve been in a healthy mode of vegan soups and strict salad these past few weeks. Nevertheless, there’s one dish in particular I always enjoy no matter how cold or how hot the outside temperature is. It’s called Soondubu Jjigae (Hot and spicy soft tofu stew) Hangul: 순두부찌개.

I’m no Korean by any means but I always crave for this soup at least twice in a month. Soondubu is a stew soup made out of anchovies and kelp based stock with other delightful ingredients such as onions, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, beef, seafoods, scallions, chilli peppers, sesame oil, fish sauce, eggs, and of course the most important part — the silky soft tofu itself. Of course if you are not into beef you can always order seafood soft tofu soup or even vegetable soondubu if you do not eat meat/seafood. You can find this dish  at any Korean restaurants and sometimes each restaurants has its’ own uniqueness when it comes to preparing the Soondubu.

Feeling challenge and think you can make your own Soondubu Jjigae at home? Why not try this recipe by Maangchi  (famous Korean New Yorker who runs her own Korean food website and blog at and let me know how the result is. I have tried her recipe couple of times and it tasted delicious. Or if you are too lazy to cook or simply don’t have the time, just go to the nearest Korean restaurants in the area and order yourself one. Don’t forget to eat it with a lavish selections of Banchan and a bottle of Soju (if you drink).

And yes, I finished writing this post with a stomach growling so bad. I think I need a bowl of Soondubu myself :).


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  1. yunfei says:

    This’s one of my favorite Korean dishes too! I’m not sure I’m going to make it myself; looks like it takes some time.:P Probably I’ll just go to the BCD Tofu at Times Square instead. Do you know any other good Korean restaurant in the city?

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Hi Yunfei,
      I personally like HanBat at 53 W 35th St. their lunch special fr Mon-Fri is so damn good. big portion too. 🙂

      1. yunfei says:

        Looks great through the pictures on yelp! I have already bookmarked it, and will definitely try that! Thank you so much, lia! ❤

  2. 2muchmelo says:

    That’s so funny ….. My stomach is Growling because my stomach is stomach is growling bad now too. Great post I think i’m going to go grab me a bowl of Chill now Thank you

    1. liachristilautomo says:

      Hi Melody thank you for your comment..enjoy the chilli 🙂

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