Dating in New York

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I think many women who are reading this topic will feel as frustrated as I feel. In New York, that are many women who come from different parts of the world and we hold various cultures. When it comes to dating, many of us make a lot of mistakes. There are three things that we should know when we are dating. 1. We should avoid dating somebody who is in an open relationship. If we are dating someone who is in an open relationship, it means the person cannot be trusted. They are selfish and are not capable of having a stable relationship, so we should not get involved with someone who seems to go from relationship to relationship. 2. We should avoid trying to change people. It is difficult for us to change any kind of behavior. We have our unique traits that come from birth or perhaps they come from the way our parents raised and treated us. We cannot make someone be more active, positive, and intelligent. We can try to adapt, but we cannot change who people are. If we try to change somebody, we will feel upset and frustrated because we cannot control the way that other people are. 3. We should avoid dating someone who is not hundred percent into us. Here are some red flags that indicate someone does not want a serious relationship. 1. He has told you that he is not ready for a relationship. 2. He does not hold your hand in public. 3. He checks out other women when he is with you. 4. He talks about his ex-girlfriend a lot. 5. He does not like to make a plan. 6. He does not introduce you to his family and friend. 7. It takes forever for him to return your text message and phone call. All these signs tell you that you should leave him and work on your self-esteem. Dating in New York is not as easy as dating in other places. I hope these tips help you to meet a good guys.


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  1. sunnyfromchina says:

    Yes I agree with that dating in New York is not as easy as in other places. But I have seen a lot of romantic movies and heard of a huge amount of romantic stories that take place in New York. And I think maybe everyone is expecting that kind of experience, which is one of the reason that dating in New York is so hard. The higher you expect, the lower you get…

  2. nicolelundergan says:

    Hello Koowathanat! I really enjoyed reading your blog! I think I, like many other women our class let alone New York, can relate to all that you have said! One of the biggest things I have learned is that sometimes he really just is “not that into you!” and although its never a good feeling, its better to move on from that than to try to force it to be more than it is! So with that in mind, cheers to your number three! and fingers crossed to better dating experiences in this city! 🙂

  3. thiggins99 says:

    Hang in there Pear!! There are a view good guys in NYC it’s a big city, but I definitely agree with your rules from a men’s standpoint especially how you mention to avoid trying to change people. You want to have control over the relationship but you can’t force someone to alter one’s identity especially to concede in the relationship. You have to find the one who may not want to change himself, but promises everyday to commit to the person he started the relationship with, and at least make some compromises.

  4. remimuniz says:

    I agree that dating and finding commitment in New York is a job in itself. I will try and remember these rules next time I start to date someone.

  5. koowathanat says:

    I’m glad that you guys can relate to my topic. Again thank you for u guys’ comments.

  6. dounialoveny says:

    Hi Koowathanat! I totally agree with you 🙂 I think dating is a little bit tricky in NY. I’m from Paris and in France there is no rules when you want to date a guy, everything is very simple. Thank you for this useful post!

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