Are Our Subways Really Safe?

It was Saturday, September 6 one week before September 11. I had just come from the Gym and my TVC train pic Studio Class at N.Y.I.T. I was feeling pretty good and excited about classes starting. After class I took my usual route down the subways stairs past the one train, and a widening right to the C train that is heading uptown. As I made my way down the hallway toward the C train that was now pulling in to the station I decided to race down the stairs to catch the train. This was turning out to be a great day – I finished my first week of class, I enjoyed my workout, and professor even let us go early from class. I was full of satisfaction as the train started to leave the station, just as those feelings were mounting inside me I heard a commotion at the other end of the train car. It was the sound of a woman passenger yelling at male passenger. She was angry at him because he asked her to remove her bag from the seat next to her so that he may sit down. She told him that he didn’t know how to be a gentleman and called him every name but a child of God. The woman even got racial calming the male passenger thought he was better because he was white. The male passenger began arguing back at her about having her bag on train seat. This really set her off because at this point she began slapping him in the face. The whole car filled with oohs and ahs. This whole time the male passenger showed great restraint, he never laid a hand on her as she continued to slap him. You think this would de-escalate the woman’s actions it didn’t. It seemed to make her madder. After this moment some of the passengers went and alerted the train staff of what was happening. One of the staff members came down to the car where we were and asked the woman to come out of the train. She came out of the train yelling at him as well, once he saw that it seemed that this woman was mentally ill. He radioed for the police and yelled to his partner to close the car doors because she was now on the platform of one the train stops. I’m not sure if he couldn’t hear or if he didn’t know how to close the doors, but he didn’t close the car doors and the woman decided to get on another car on the train. She became more erratic and the MTA staff decided to move the train after twenty five minutes had gone by. There were no police to be found or anyone else who was a person of authority to deal with this woman. As the train was moving the woman passenger came back into the car I was in again, back to the same spot in the train where she started. She also went right back to yelling at people, once the male passenger she was yelling at had left she decided to fight with other people on the train. As we made it to another stop another male passenger decided to try to put the woman off the train himself. She fought him with also every crazy bone in her little body. She fought her way back on to the train. After seeing this I decided to move to the next car because all I wanted to do was get home and finish my great day. The train continued to move to the next station, another five minutes had passed and I hadn’t seen any police officers yet at any station we had stopped at. The train stops were getting closer to my home station, but just as that feeling of satisfaction began to return a passenger from the car I was in before with the erratic woman in it ran into the new car I was in yelling “she’s got a gun” as they ran by. We were all trapped in a train that was racing at top speed through a subway tunnel. People began to run in panic toward the open doors that lead to the next car. I looked back to see if the erratic woman was coming into the car I was in. I then decided to make my way also to the open car doors but saw people starting to push shove each other between train doors. I saw people falling down on top of the gap that separates the train cars. Once I saw that I pushed my way back toward the closed car doors that lead to the train platform. I crouched down just in case the erratic woman came through the doors firing. The train finally pulled into the next station. The doors open behind me once we were in the station. I had made it out of the train alive. I saw the woman fall out of the car at the opposite end of the train platform from where I stood the police finally made their way down into the subway to arrest the woman, and EMS also made their way down to tend to those who had been hurt in the chaos. I was thinking to myself when I decided to take the bus the rest of the way home with all of these terrorist groups that seem to pop up on the news every day are our subways really safe?


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  1. sunnyfromchina says:

    When I came to New York at the first time, I was freaking out by the news that there are people pushed into the tracks by strangers. It took me nearly 3 months to get use to stand on the platform instead of on the stairs holding the handles with my both hands. So scared.

    1. dguest01 says:

      Hey Sunny from China,
      I can understand your fear we live in a dangerous world, but I just pray every day that I get home safely to my family thanks for your comment.

  2. liachristilautomo says:

    Hey Derrick,
    I rarely take the C train but i sometimes take the A train and I can honestly say this kind of thing happen at least once! either somebody with mental health trying to be annoying inside the train, a fight between two gangs (especially near rockaways ), or a creep trying to stalk a woman who travels alone (been experiencing that couple of times-not great at all) but yeah sometimes i question the safety of NYC subway. i always see the NYPDs inside the station and in the train but i guess even with the police, it’s not enough.

    1. dguest01 says:

      Hey liachristilautomo,
      Your right there always seems be something going on and the police seem to be one step behind thanks for your comment.

  3. gigilauren says:

    This is a really scary situation. Thank God you’re safe! Unfortunately, there are mentally unstable people everywhere, and in New York City, it’s likely to run into them. It’s hard to predict when something like this may happen, but keeping a positive attitude through it all will leave you with tougher skin.

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