Miami Hotspots

Miami is located in Southeastern Florida and is known for its beautiful beaches and even better nightlife. I go to South Beach Miami once a year to get away from reality and soak in the sun. I frequently get asked from friends and family to share my experiences  and recommend the best places to go. Though it is tough to choose the best restaurants, clubs, and beach parties,I narrowed it down to four . . .

1. Nikki Beach10491252_692840507436611_3590397475398558824_n

Nikki Beach is known for their outstanding beach parties. These beach parties always have a theme and are filled with fun people and even better music. Cabanas are available as well as VIP. I recommend going on a Saturday for the beach party or for Sunday Brunch. Nikki beach also has a club which includes open bars with a one time fee. If your hungry try the Cuban Panini or Sexy Salad with a pitcher of the mango mojitos.

2. LIV 
10571951_692842250769770_5215433594155184040_oLiv is located in the  Fountainebleau hotel and is known for having the best parties on the Miami strip.This   club is extremely high-end and has an amazing decor. It contains three bars, VIP sections, and a selection of dance floors. The best day to party at the famous club is on Sunday. Liv on Sunday’s will never disappointment any guest. On Sundays, well-known performers are ready to entertain fans. Many A list celebs also come to have a good time. I highly recommend to arrive at the Fountainebleau promptly due to the high volume of party goers.


3.  Prime 112


Prime 112 is a well-developed steak house located on Ocean Drive. They are known for having bacon on nearly anything and of course delicious mouth-watering steak. The portions are family style so be sure not to eat before. Prime 112 is famous in Miami and they also have a sister restaurant called Prime Italian which is just across the street. Reservations are strongly recommended due to the high volume of guest that come to eat on a daily.

4. Fontainebleau 

Fountainebleau is located on Collins Ave and overlooks Miami Beach. This hotel is known for its elaborate design and amazing pool parties. The resort contains a spa, gym, a variety of pools, multiple bars, and an incredible night life scene including club LIV. The service in this hotel is outstanding and though the prices are not so cheap it is well worth it.

10562749_692850497435612_847341632692384899_o  10506830_692851357435526_1201639902955040126_o


8 Comments Add yours

  1. 2muchmelo says:

    Hey, Remimuniz
    I never been to Miami and your post was awesome very great valuable information for my trip next year to Miami. All of the parties looks so fun I am getting so excited already and I got eight more months before I can go (sadface).

    1. remimuniz says:


      You are going to have such an amazing time! The parties are extremely fun and the overall vibe of Miami is just super relaxing, fun and carefree. Be patient the eight months will come sooner then you think. If you need any advice on other places to go let me know. This post does not even do South Beach justice. I could of went on for days! I hope you will enjoy your trip and party for me! lol

  2. nicolelundergan says:

    Hey Remi – such an informative post! I’ve seen your photos of Miami on Instagram etc and I know you know a bit about the area so its nice getting some “insider” info from someone who definitely knows what she is talking about! I have been to Miami once and I remember it being a disaster of deciding where to go and knowing what to do! So I will definitely refer to this post next time!
    PS – LOVE your romper in the first photo!! xx

    1. remimuniz says:

      Hey Nicole,

      The first time I went to Miami it was amazing but we never knew what places were good. We constantly were using google or calling different venues. The best thing to do is look up events during the time your going and follow promoters. I even went as far as hash tagging Miami or South Beach on Instagram to see what people were doing. Its so worth the research and of course you can always call me. I literally made Miami itineraries for all my friends who went.

      Thanks on the romper compliment ! xoxo

  3. mganou says:

    Hey Remi!
    Thanks for all this juicy info!
    I’ve been dreaming to go to Miami for years! Being from France, it was not so close lol, but now that I’m living in the US, and that one of my best friends lives there, I think I’ll plan a trip soon! And now I got all the inside tips thanks to you!

    1. remimuniz says:

      Anytime! I am sure your best friend knows a lot of great places too!

  4. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Remi,
    this post makes me want to go to Miami like a.s.a.p I might have to plan my Christmas getaway there! very informative post, thanks for sharing with us!

    1. remimuniz says:

      I hope you do you won’t regret it !

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