Men Go Figure!

While having dinner with a few friends the other night, the subject of mates and what are considered desirable qualities came up in the conversation. Both the men and women of the group seemed to appreciate a person who is intelligent, has good hygiene, is outgoing, kind, family-oriented, etc. Then, the particulars of what each is looking for were better defined. The men seemed to place a lot of importance on looks, i.e., a woman with a nice figure, typically slim, in shape, with a pleasant face. While the women, seemed to place a lot of emphasis on the man’s financial status. Preferably a man who earns more than she and is generally well off. Well, this response seemed to prompt the men to explore this response in more depth. For some reason, the men were uncomfortable with that response. One of the guys in the group asked one of the other women in the group, “Well, what if you met a guy that had all the qualities you wanted in a person, but he was in between jobs?” Her response, “I don’t think I’d entertain the idea of seeing someone with no income.” Well, let me tell you these guys didn’t waste one minute tearing her apart for that answer. The women expressed that financial stability is imperative for the purpose of raising a family; having the means to provide a good education, cultural resources, and an overall comfortable lifestyle for future children. Short of calling these women gold-diggers, they construed that clarification as a forged statement to disguise the actual motive behind that thought process; which is that women like [that] are simply looking for a “free ride,” in other words, looking for a man to take care of them and pay their bills. I sat there and thought to myself, (Wow! this will make for an awesome blog, haha!) why do men get so defensive when their date-ability is measured up against their financial ability? I mean, this is the same group of guys that had just previously expressed how important a woman’s looks were to them. They essentially affirmed that they would not date a woman who was overweight or with looks less than favorable. Aren’t we supposed to place more importance on someones inner beauty? So, if a woman is considered shallow or superficial for seeking a man with a certain financial status, why is a man any different when he is seeking a woman with a certain physique?


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