Blessed Teen Mom

Sometimes I wonder if having my son so young was actually a blessing in disguise. When my son was a newborn baby I suffered post-partum depression and thankfully it went away relatively quick. I loved my son dearly, but I can’t deny that I felt trapped. I was scared! I wanted to be a teenager and do the things my friends were doing. My life completely changed, but I didn’t allow anything to keep me from my long term goals. I finished school and got a Bachelors in Psychology. I did almost everything my friends did. However, I still felt tied down and came down on myself often. I felt that I was missing out on a lot. My son is now a teenager and although these years are very tough, they aren’t as tough as the earlier years. It’s a different dynamic now. I suppose the fact that he is older and more independent has a lot to do with it. Yet, this time, feels like a time for renewal, a time to start over again; to do the things that I wanted to do before, but couldn’t because I had a young child to look after. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested in binge drinking or frat parties, what I’m talking about is personal growth, time to look after me. Now, I can’t help to feel blessed that I can do that for myself, just like my friends and other women did when they were younger, but with the added bonus that I’ve experienced parenthood. Reason I say this is because I look around and see other women my age so desperate to be in relationships in order to have children. Granted, many women want to be childless and have designed their lives that way, but many others have not.  I see the frustrations and sense of unworthiness in some and I can’t help to feel relieved that I don’t have to worry about that. I’m not preoccupied with relationships or the dating world, believe me, I’ve had my share, but I don’t feel any less of a woman because it hasn’t all turned out like a fairy tale. At this time in my life, I am concerned with raising my son, finishing grad school and embarking on a new career. How much better can life get for this teen mom!


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  1. nicolelundergan says:

    MPB – Thank you so much for writing such a beautifully honest blog. I really really loved reading it. I am currently 28 years old, single and childless, and as you’ve said in your blog it is often the “childless” part that gets me the most. I’ve often wondered about the choices I’ve made in my life and if I should have done things differently to end up at a different spot, but after reading your blog I’m even more convinced that life happens – it what it is, and it happens the way that it will and although there are seemingly easier, or better, or more “child-filled” paths out there, if they are not the one we’re on there’s no use wishing we were.
    I admire your strength in being a teen mom because I see the adult friends I have with children and I know what a struggle raising a child can be! Well done and wishing you the best in this season of focusing on yourself!

    1. mpb1031 says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Let me start of by apologizing for the delay in my response. I was a little under the weather all last week. I see that you took time to give me a heart felt response and I want to thank you for that! These type of blogs are usually difficult to discuss, at least for me, because it is personal and at the same time I dont want to offend anyone, so thank you for your sincere feedback and Im glad you enjoyed reading my blog.
      I know as a woman and as we near our 30’s all these thoughts about family and relationships come to the surface more than usual, but as you picked up on my blog, I think everyone’s path is meant to be different and we just have to work with what we got and make the best of it. I had a child very young and made the best out of that situation, and would have with any other situation for that matter. And you will do the same, you will start a family better equipped than I was, and hopefully with someone that you will love and that will help you raise your children. What a beautiful way to bring a child into the world, if oyu ask me. With that said, we are definitely all blessed in different ways and we just have to take those blessings and make them count.
      I wish you luck as well and many more blessings to come!

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