When Flying Isn’t Fun and Exciting Anymore


Who doesn’t love to fly? Flying by all means is still the fastest and the most efficient mode of transport in the world. It can take you from New York to Seattle in 6 hours. It can even take you to another country – United Kingdom for example – in just a mere 7 hours and 30 minutes. A business traveler can be in London the next day for a meeting and next thing you know, he is already in Dubai to do another meeting. What a great way to actually travel the world in just matter of hours. With the innovation of more advanced jumbo jets and low costs airlines, flying is definitely not an expensive thing to do anymore. You have plenty of airlines to choose from depending on their level of services. But is flying still a fun and memorable thing to do nowadays?

 I remembered my first flight back in 1991. It was a 5 hours flight from Jakarta to Hong Kong. Flying back then was not the same like what happens now. There was no personal audio video on demand (AVOD) on the back of the seat and no low cost airlines (even if there was, only few exists). My mom actually packed me a lot of books to read to get rid of my boredom. You could watch a movie from the giant screen they had at the front of each class section (even Coach/Economy back then was way more comfortable than today’s). The food looked way more appetizing and they indeed use silver utensils (unlike plastic utensils some airlines used nowadays). People dressed their best as if they were in a competition to win the best dress of the day. During the time to disembark, everyone waited patiently to get out without having to harass one another. I even got myself a souvenir from the airline that I could keep (a soft toy and a drawing book).


What about today? As a frequent flyer – and I still am – I can honestly say that flying is not fun and exciting anymore. Services given by the airlines are degrading in every possible way. More and more seats added inside the airplane resulting in lack of legroom and space. Checked in baggage is not free unless you are traveling in First/Business class (international flights are exempted though). If you fly domestic in the US, chances are you will only get a small dose of sodas/juices/water plus pretzels/peanuts for your snack. However, if you can afford First/Business class then you are definitely being pampered as you can order a fillet mignon or even lobster for your meals. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-usJjkgKYxU What about the attitude of the passengers inside the airplane? Most of them are very rude and disrespectful in general. Some of the passengers have taken flying for granted. They think that it is alright to talk loud during a red-eye flight. They think that it is acceptable to use certain device like the knee defender just because somebody in front of them recline their seat.



This controversial device led to the outrage happened last August 2014 during a flight from Newark to Denver. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeWxzd0d-3c A woman trying to recline her seat but could not do it because a guy sitting behind her used the knee defender to prevent the seat from reclining. Unhappy with his action, she threw a cup of water to him resulting in fight which diverted the flight to Chicago. both man and woman were removed from the flight while the plane flew to Denver. Some US airlines prohibit the uses of knee defender while airlines in Australia actually have banned the use of knee defender or any type of device similar to that. That brings us to a conclusion – is flying still a fun way to do it or is just an excuse to brag ourselves that we can do whatever we like just because we can afford it?


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