Five Vine’s accounts to follow

Everybody knows what is Vine. You will be surprise what people can do for six seconds! That is the challenge of many Viners everyday. If you want to have fun at the end of the day I recommend you to take a look on Vine and follow:

Jerome Jarre

The most well known french guy on the web. I’m not talking about him because he is French and I’m French too!

Lele Pons or “Do it for the Vine”
Lele Pons is part of the revelations of Vine ! With over 3.3 million followers she became

Unavoidable on Vine!

Zach King or “The Magician of Vine”

He realizes incredible tricks on Internet. Thanks to his originality he became a web star very quickly.

Brittany Furlan

This actress parodies on Vine situations of everyday life in 6 seconds!

Nash Grier

He is not a high school student like any other. He has 9,6M Followers on Vine!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. dounialoveny says:

    I’m a real fan of Vine and I already follow all those Viners!! Obviously my favorite is Jerome Jarre, he very much embody French humor 😉

    1. myriamamou says:

      I agree with you ! Jerome Jarre is the best, and I hope I will meet him one day in New York.

  2. yunfei says:

    Thank you myriam for your recommendations. I had a vine account from the beginning, but I’ve never really used this, because I felt I’m not that creative enough. Now I should just use this app to watch all these funny Viners instead.

  3. nicolelundergan says:

    Myriam – thank you for this post! I laughed pretty hard at all of these! Just what I needed this morning at work!
    I’ve never really looked at Vine but after this I’m thinking it might be a fun idea! 🙂

  4. thiggins99 says:

    Great vines, I would highly recommend watching Nicholas Megalis’s vines. He has some pretty catchy and comedic raps.

  5. mganou says:

    Thanks Myriam for this! I know all of those viners but the funniest definitely is Jerome Jarre (french pride represent!)

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