Art is everywhere

These are somIMG_3989e pictures from the Dumbo’s Art Festival.

I am not very sensitive about arts and beauty, but when I went to Dumbo and saw those artworks, I suddenly realized that art can be everywhere because art is in ourselves.

Every single person is full of information, to share the information with people who don’t know your culture, your background, your mind, even your language should have been a very tough problem. But see? There is a very simple way to solve all these questions—-by art!

IMG_3917The most frequently mentioned on the board of The World We Want was “no war”,”without hunger”, and “no polution”.

IMG_3925A wall for kids to mark themselves. Everyone has a right to mark him or herself at somewhere.

IMG_3972The colorful bubbles reminded me of my childhood, and also motivated a young man to make a proposal.

IMG_4022I don’t understand what she was thinking and painting. But I understand that she was so focused on whatever she is creating.


The girl allowed people to paint on her face with different skin colors. I suppose she was saying that every “color” can be melted on one.


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  1. yunfei says:

    Woo, when I was there, there weren’t so many things going on. Probably because I went there in the evening. 😛

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      I went there on Sunday, and there was only half of the exhibitions left~~

  2. koowathanat says:

    Hello sunny,
    I really like your topic and content. When I read your content, I can relate to your expression and thinking on your writing. Also, I totally agree what you said that art is everywhere and art bring us together and exchange our culture, background, and thought. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

  3. remimuniz says:

    I love this post! Dumbo is one of my favorite places to visit and I wish I could of been their to see all of this amazing art. This semester I am taking an art class and I never noticed how much art effects and brings together cultures. Its a great way to communicate without physical words.

  4. nicolelundergan says:

    Hello Sunny! Thank you for sharing the arts with us! I have never been to the Dumbo arts festival but I definitely would like to after seeing your photos! It has been years since I have taken an art class or “made” a piece of art, but I remember the feeling of finishing a piece and seeing so much of myself on the canvas. Art is truly expressive because it is such an extension of the artist himself.

  5. 2muchmelo says:

    Your post is the exact reason why I moved to New York in the first place. You’re able to express yourself artistically without being judged and it’s a beautiful thing. Art is a part of our history our heritage our every day life. To be able to express it without being judged New York City is the place to be.Great posting. Great pictures.

  6. liachristilautomo says:

    Hi Sunny, thanks for sharing the Dumbo Arts festival photos. I liked the ‘wall marking’, the girl, and the last photos – makes you feel very lucky being able to live in NYC where creativity is beyond limit.

  7. gigilauren says:

    Hi Sunny,

    I love your post! Art is an expression of the spirit, and there are no limits to the mediums that can be used. The photos you posted clearly show this. I wish I had gone myself! I actually started getting back into art, and I realized how much it enhances my life.

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