The Night I lost my Cookie

My locker partner and I fell in love very quickly (even though we were just big kids). IMG_0137.JPGWe never had a title of boyfriend or girlfriend, but even still we ended up sharing lockers, talking on the phone all night. Going to the arcade, movie dates and dressing the same every Friday. The high school girls didn’t want anything to do with me. The questions they would ask “so are you or aren’t you together .” I got threatened. I had gotten dirty looks. They couldn’t understand. If I wasn’t his girlfriend then why won’t be talk to or date anyone else (shrugs). I can’t even begin to tell you how much they disliked me. The whole school wanted to know “to be or not to be, that is the question.” Our relationship was clear to us and they didn’t like it at all.
Prom was coming up and many girls had already asked him if he was going to prom at all he said “no” to everyone so I was really nervous. I wasn’t sure if he was going or not because we hadn’t spoke about it. Many other young man had already asked me to go and I turned them down. Hoping that my locker partner would eventually ask me (we weren’t technically official). He asked me one month before prom. It figures, not the idealist timeframe but I was ecstatic. We agreed on colors which were red and black. We talked about how everybody will be shocked when we walked in the doors of our prom. Know one knew that we were even going to prom at all let alone together. I had kept it cool on the phone but once I got off the phone I screamed to the top of my lungs. I jumped up and down like a little two-year-old throwing a tantrum. You see; he was pretty popular. In fact my locker partner was the captain of the basketball team. I was the new girl. I became the captain of the cheerleading team within months of being there. Needless to say; it was a lot of girls that didn’t approve of me being there cheerleading captain and now I’m dating the captain of the basketball team (major problem). The new girl and popular guy dating that was just unacceptable. He pick me up for prom June 11th 2001 at about 7pm. He stepped out of a rented all black 2000 Lincoln. My whole family was outside waiting on his arrival. Neighbors uncles,aunts, cousins all were outside. They all had cameras snapping pictures like The paparazzi.

IMG_7936.PNGI felt Like royalty or a pop-star. My locker partner got out the car and walked to the steps of my aunts house. All I saw was his big gorgeous smile. He was holding a beautiful red corsage. Spoke to everybody but his eyes stayed locked on to mine. He placed the corsage on my left arm touching me softly (without being noticed) and said ” you look stunningly beautiful.” I smiled hard because I felt beautiful. I shook my head in agreement (blushing) and told him “you look very handsome yourself.” He was wearing an all black tux with red insides. Back in those days he was always rocking a tiny Afro, but for prom he got it braided. Braids was never really my thing but wow did he look good with them. They looked very nice on him. The braids were really clean, neat, braided tiny and straight to the back. We got into the car and my aunt said to him “you need to have my niece home before the crack of dawn. We both replied (annoyed) “yes Auntie.” It was her 10th time telling us the time to be back. I clicked my seat belt and we drove off blasting Carl Thomas Summer Rain. We pulled up to our prom fashionably late. We took a few selfie’s with our cardboard disposable cameras in the car before we headed into the ballroom. I was so scared to walk into the prom but I never told him. No one really liked me at my school so I wasn’t sure what to expect. He must’ve sensed that I was a little anxious. He grab my hand with so much confidence and said let’s do this. We walk through the doors and I saw one of my fellow cheer mates she said ” Oh my God Everybody is about to go crazy” (Dawayna was her name). She opened the doors for us and I kid you not everyone’s mouth dropped on the floor when they saw us. They couldn’t believe that we were at prom and then together. We walked in and headed straight to the picture booth. We took our picture and we went on the dance floor and danced all night long like nobody was there but us. It was the most magical night of my life I will never forget it. It was so magical that my thoughts began to wonder. “He has been a complete gentlemen.” “Wonder when he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend.” “He smells so good.” Is everybody still staring at us?” “I hope this moment lasts forever.” Just as I said those words he kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear. “I got us a room at the resident inn not for sex but, just so we can relax and chill without any parents or friends down our backs.” I thought to myself. “I know he said we don’t have to have sex but, I’m 18 and maybe just maybe it was the perfect night to give up the cookie.”


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