Shortage of food? Or just a trick to sell product?


Have you ever order something from the nearest deli/cafe and turns out that what you order is not really what you expected? Well, that’s what happened a couple of days ago when I bought my fruit salad at a well-known Japanese market in Midtown Manhattan. It costs me $4.99 (excluding tax of course) and I only got 2 pieces of strawberries inside the fruit salad. I know I could always make my own fruit salad at home but I found it ridiculous that just because a certain kind of fruit costs more than others; the seller actually think it is okay to jack up the price and trick the customer. I realized that what they meant by fruit salad is basically putting a lot of mangoes, watermelon, pineapples, melon and hid the precious berries buried underneath those fruits. Whatever happen to the other fruits? Are those other fruits not as important as the mango and pineapple?

That’s when this thing started to bug me for real. Same things happen when I order a sub at Subway. I like a lot of vegetables in my sub therefore I am always grumpy whenever the worker only gives three of four small pieces of onions and jalapeno inside the sub. I often have to say “could you add more onions/jalapeno please?” and then they will add more with a frown on their face. I mean, have you guys been experiencing a shortage of food? I know that a big red onion only costs like less than a $1 and it is definitely not going to make Subway go bankrupt just by adding a little bit of onion/jalapenos inside my sub. I have even experienced a worker actually counted the tomatoes they are going to put inside someone else sub. That kind of behavior makes me cranky sometimes. Do you really have to count the amount of food you are going to put while your customer is watching? Or is that mention somewhere inside the company’s policy?


Oh well, I am just a customer and I do realize that those are probably marketing gimmicks but then again, who am I to judge anyway? We live in New York City where everything is already expensive but it would not hurt to have a proper portion of food that you can enjoy eating without having to look into it and started saying “oh, I only have two pieces of tomatoes. Have they been experiencing a shortage of tomatoes?”.


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